Volume 9, Issue 8

A strong case against bio-piracy: Traditional remedies should not be patentable

A recent wire story reveals what may become the next hot global trade issue. Some 600 Indian tribes in Brazil have asked their government to protect them from “bio-piracy,” that is, attempts by corporations to patent or copyright traditional aboriginal knowledge, from potions and herbal remedies to exotic plant extracts. “We ... read more ››

An extraordinary 1,200 KM walk

A Cree man called Solomon Awashish, from a well-known Mistissini family, has inspired, planned and brought off a remarkable walk that is underway in the Cree wilderness of northern Quebec, as part of a major campaign against the crippling disease diabetes. A group of up to 50 Cree people has been ... read more ››

An interview with a senator- The Hon. Gerry St. Germain

The Honourable Gerry St. Germain is member of the Standing Committee on Aboriginal Affairs. He has introduced a private members bill that has Canada recognizing self-government for First nations. It is a bill for land based First Nations that allows for voluntary participation. St Germain said he was inspired by ... read more ››

At the Grammys

Best Native American Music Album Bless The People – Harmonized Peyote Songs by Verdell Primeaux & Johnny Mike [Canyon Records]

Choice and Change An Economic Development Officer’s Perspective

We are faced with scarcity within our Cree Nation because of our resources, which we love so much. But it’s a scarcity in which the people of Eeyou Istchee are forced to make choices. When we cannot have everything we want, we must choose among the available alternatives. Because scarcity forces ... read more ››

Coffee to go

Some days, it seems that there is just not enough time to get everything done. The other day, I went up North to go hunting and the damn machine broke down, leaving us little to do but repair and hope for the best. This took a good six hours waiting for ... read more ››

Diabetes Awareness

An American Indian film company is doing its part to fight the diabetes epidemic in the Native American community. Conquering Diabetes Naturally — The American Indian Warrior Diet is currently in development by Rich-Heape Films and the Sovereign Nation Preservation Project. Rich-Heape Films president Steven Heape says Type II diabetes ... read more ››

Healing and Protecting our Sacred Mother Earth

The traditional Hopi spiritual elders say that we have not learned our lessons in the past from our use of technology. Technology is now having a world of its own. We are using technology to accumulate wealth and power. We are now using technology for the wrong reasons. Technology is ... read more ››

Native artist painted Olympic motto

Olympic organizers turned to John Nieto when they needed an artist who could capture the spirit of the 2002 Winter Olympic Games motto: Titius. Altius. Fortius. (Swifter. Higher. Stronger.) “Hopefully, I paint with some authority,” said Nieto, who claims Spanish, Navajo and Apache ancestry, although he said he is not ... read more ››

New film lets Elders speak out

Danny Beaton is a Mohawk of the Turtle Clan. He is an activist filmmaker who believes in protecting Native culture and their homelands. His latest documentary. The Iroquois Speak Out for Mother Earth, is a compelling one. So much so that a coworker borrowed it as soon as this writer ... read more ››

Phone Scams

Let your fingers do the walking, but use your brain to do the thinking first. The “809” telephone scam has many permutations but they all involve a message to you (either by email, phone or pager) that you immediately call or fax a number in the “809” area code or ... read more ››

Pimpichuu places fifth in harricana raid

Cree Team Pimpichuu consisting of Claude and Norman Coonishish and Larry MacLeod were racing again after two years revived Harricana Raid race. Last time they raced the squad was a Canadian Yamaha factory team. This year Pimpichuu would be racing under the Polaris banner as they were sponsored by Ou ... read more ››

The Doqs Ear

Tales of the Cherokee 1 & 2 Adapted and Illustrated by Gene Gonzales Published by Mandalay Books, P.O. Box 4761 Johnson City, TN. 37602 United States I have to say Wow! I have to say Great! I have to say once again that Crees should be doing this. Tales of ... read more ››

Under The Northern Sky The Heart of the Matter

Sometimes life throws you off balance. Just recently we got the sudden news that my dad had a heart attack. My dad, Marius, had been complaining of several ailments that had been affecting him for the past several months. One morning he felt weak and disoriented and visited the local ... read more ››

Will on the Grill

If you remember the last issue with the Spicy Game Chili, I have to say the consensus around the office is great. I made up a huge pot and actually charged fellow workers $5 for all you could eat. Well, at least until it was gone. I had two types ... read more ››