Volume 8, Issue 26

Consultation Meeting in Nemaska

The first day of November hung heavy and grey as the car skidded along the icy Route du Nord. We arrived in Nemaska in time for the feedback session of the Grand Council’s Agreement-in-Principle consultation. Nemaska, the most centrally located Cree community was the middle stop of a tour that ... read more ››


It has been a long time since we have gotten so many letters here at the Nation concerning one subject that we decided that from now and until the Agreement deadline we would have a section set aside for your comments on the Agreement. I was told that perhaps some ... read more ››

Looking at That Deal…

The Agreement-in-Principle isn’t a large document. It certainly isn’t as many pages as the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement. It will, nevertheless, have as great an impact on Cree lifestyle, culture and way of life as the JBNQA. The purpose of the Agreement seems clear enough. In layman’s terms it ... read more ››

NAN Lobbies in Montreal

It’s an old story that First Nations know well. Development has traveled ever northwards impacting Native communities. In Northern Ontario there’s about 28 communities that will be affected by Ontario’s latest forestry plans. It is an area that has no roads or energy projects. Generators deliver power and the only ... read more ››


The Nation sadly has to report the tragic passing of Richard Lebizay, 27, of Chisasibi. Readers would have recognized Richard as one of the two Air Creebec pilots featured in the back cover ad so often seen in our magazine. Lebizay had worked for Air Creebec from July 1996 – September ... read more ››

Whapmagoostui Cree Named to RCMP Committee

The Mounties have appointed the first Aboriginal from Quebec as a member of the RCMP Commissioner’s National Aboriginal Advisory Committee. Losty Mamianskum, from Whapmagoostui, was officially named to the committee on Oct. 15, but only found out about it a couple of weeks ago due to being out of town. The ... read more ››

What is a tourist?

A tourist is anyone like you or I who goes to a different land. We want to stay in hotels, eat at good restaurant, enjoy some entertainment in town and perhaps, take in a tour or two. It’s the same for people who come to our lands to explore and take ... read more ››

Where are the Voices?

I have a simple question. Why hasn’t the Cree leadership hasn’t asked for the resignation of the Minister of the Environment André Boisclair? The attitude of his department in keeping secret the toxic levels of arsenic, cyanide, cadmium, chromium, zinc, copper, selenium and mercury present in the fish surrounding the Ouje-Bougoumou ... read more ››