Volume 8, Issue 13

A Helping Hand in the Big City

If you’re a Native woman in Montreal and you’re having trouble coping with life in the big city, you’ve got a friend in Nakuset. Working out of the Native Women’s Shelter of Montreal, Nakuset, SO, is probably the city’s first Native outreach worker. Her job is to help Native women who earn ... read more ››

Blood, Sweat and Tear Gas in Quebec City

Quebec City turned into a war zone during the Summit of the Americas. Thousands of people marched to the gate where they were met by the RCMP and the Surete Du Quebec armed with tear gas, plastic bullets, German shepherds and high pressure hoses. The younger protesters taunt police through the ... read more ››

Diving Headfirst Into The Pool

The scene takes place in a Canadian living room late one April evening. Buddy is testing the theory of gravity in his favourite chair. The room is awash in the fluttering blue rays of dancing light that emanate from the television set. The St. Louis Blues are playing the San ... read more ››

Dump Jackson Campaign Picks up Steam

History is catching up with Andrew Jackson, the seventh president of the U.S. A campaign to remove Jackson’s face from the U.S. $20 bill is picking up steam. Meanwhile, the Tuscarora First Nation of North Carolina is gaining momentum in its campaign to change the name of US 74, also known as ... read more ››

Summit Diary – I Got Gas!

It was a beautiful day for a riot. There wasn’t a cloud in the baby-blue sky above Quebec City. It was a warm, sunny Friday afternoon and a strong south wind was blowing to keep us cool and send the tear gas back toward police lines. My buddy Lyle and I ... read more ››

Summit Mania and Spring Fever

I tried to think of something to write about for this issue but my mind came up blank after seeing a naked protestor mooning the riot squad, who promptly retaliated with their water cannon square full on his bare hiney at the much publicized Summit of the Americas at our ... read more ››

Tears in my Poutine

The tear gas has finally cleared and our vision of what the free trade of the Americas means to Aboriginal People’s is still misty. When asked a question by National Grand Chief Matthew Coon Come, our esteemed Canadian Prime Minister Jean Poutine (as President Bush calls him) gave the standard political ... read more ››

The Art of Survival

Depending on the weather, goose hunting season usually occurs during the months of April and May up on the James Bay coast. The spring goose hunt is the biggest one. Almost everybody in my home community of Attawapiskat heads out on the land for this hunt. They take this opportunity ... read more ››

The Fast Runner Opens at Cannes

The first Inuit-language feature film will have its world premiere at the prestigious Cannes International Film festival in May, according to newspaper reports. Director Zacharias Kunuk’s historical thriller, Atanarjuat (The Fast Runner) will be shown as part of Un Certain Regard, the festival’s program of work by first-time filmmakers. Atanarjuat is set ... read more ››

The Pride of the Cree Nation

During the weekend of April 11th -14th 2001, the Cree Nation Bears participated in the Chrysler Cup Provincial Championships held in Daveluyville (region of Estrie). There were 16 teams representing the different regions of the Quebec. The people of Eeyou Istchee can be proud of the way these young athletes ... read more ››

We Are Awakening!: Matthew Coon Come was given four minutes to address the official Summit of the Americas in Quebec City on April 20. Here are some excerpts:

Matthew Coon Come was given four minutes to address the official Summit of the Americas in Quebec City on April 20. Some excerpts: Wachiya! Bonjour! (In Cree, thanks the Huron People on whose traditional territory the city stands.) We, the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas, are the original governments of this continent. We ... read more ››