Volume 7, Issue 21

Controversy Might Shut Down Nuskan

The Waskaganish band council is thinking about closing down its profitable construction firm Nuskan LP after questions have been raised about possible conflict-of-interest and accountability. The surprise move stems from concerns that the band has little control over Nuskan’s operations and isn’t kept up-to-date on the company. The band owns 51 percent ... read more ››

First Class of Millennium Graduates 2000 – Willy J. Happyjack Memorial School

I didn’t forget about you guys!! This year’s graduation was held at the All Chiefs Memorial Arena on August 11, 2000. There was a good show of support by the Waswanipi community. Proud parents, grand parents and family members all ended a beautiful ceremony to see their young people graduate. There ... read more ››

First Nation Roots

Hundreds of years of settlement by Europeans still has not managed to make people set aside or forget who the original inhabitants were here. It is impossible to forget who the inhabitants were here simply due to the historical reminders or evidence in the names of many Canadian and American ... read more ››

Fisheries Attacks

Fisheries vessels apparently have sunk two Mi’kmaq boats in violent confrontations near the Burnt Church First Nation, in New Brunswick. Video footage shows federal boats ramming at least one smaller boat and spilling three Native fishermen into the bay, according to one report. Federal fisheries boats were out picking up what they ... read more ››

Fontaine to Run for Libs?

Phil Fontaine admits he’s thinking about running for the Liberals in a Manitoba riding in the next election. The Liberals have apparently been courting the former AFN national chief, but Fontaine still isn’t sure. He is known to have strong Liberal loyalties.

GCCEI/CRA – Annual General Assembly 2000

Quebec, move on over, the Crees are coming and they are talking self-governance and self-determination. That was the hot topic at the grand Council of the Crees/ Cree Regional Authority Annual General Assembly. Perhaps Quebec should have seen the warning signs in 1995 when the Crees preempted Quebec’s sovereignty referendum ... read more ››

Lobsters Anyone?

There was anger when the Department of Fisheries and Oceans flexed it’s muscle recently in Burnt Church. I think everyone has seen the pictures of the two Native-owned boats being sunk by the much bigger DFO boat. It looked like the running over of one boat was deliberate. “People could ... read more ››

Mistissini Local Annual General Assembly

The first things you see through the doors to Mistissini’s Annual General Assembly are the booths. The arena is surrounded with them. Mistco, the Grand Council forestry table, and Waasiyaau Development Group. Waasiyaau was one of the promoters in this years show. As an added inducement to hear their pitch ... read more ››

Native Population Up

The Native American and Alaska Native population is going up, way up. The numbers increased 15.5 percent to 2.3 million from 1990 to 1999, according to estimates released by the U.S. Census Bureau last week. The Asian and Pacific Islander population increased by 43 percent to 10.8 million, and the Hispanic population ... read more ››

Nauas Still There

An indigenous nation thought to have been wiped out by war and slavery 100 years ago is doing just fine deep in Brazil’s Amazon jungle. Some 250 Nauas were recently found living as rubber tappers and hunters.

True Stories:

Well, here‘s a version of rez notes from Val d’Or, the transient paradise of the Mid-North. This time its about real stories and real people who lived thorough and survived another softball tourney in the heart of Partyland. Once Upon a VLT… There‘s this guy, you see, who happened to have a ... read more ››

Wabun Tribal Council’s 10th Anniversary Celebrations

Wabun Tribal Council’s 10th Anniversary celebrations, which featured an address by newly elected Grand Chief Stan Beardy of Nishnawbe-Aski Nation, took place here August 24 and 25. The two day celebration was held around a Chiefs Meeting on August 24 and the Wabun Tribal Council Annual General Meeting on August ... read more ››

Washipabano Scores in Shoot-out

In a nailbiting shoot-out in the final game, Charly Washipabano of Chisasibi scored the winning goal to help power Team Indigenous to an impressive 4-2 game record in its first-ever outing in Tampere, Finland. “I was very nervous at first when coach (Ted) Nolan called on me,” said Washipabano in an ... read more ››

When Ex-cops Go Bad

A sleepy street in the Montreal suburb of Châteauguay was the last place police expected to find the mastermind of the biggest drug-smuggling ring ever to hit northern Quebec. But that’s exactly where ex-Mountie Michel Leblanc quietly made his headquarters for a thriving business of smuggling hash and cocaine into the ... read more ››