I didn’t forget about you guys!!

This year’s graduation was held at the All Chiefs Memorial Arena on August 11, 2000. There was a good show of support by the Waswanipi community. Proud parents, grand parents and family members all ended a beautiful ceremony to see their young people graduate. There were 17 graduates from Willy J. Happyjack Memorial School this year.

The ceremony started at 4 pm with presentations and speeches. After the ceremony the graduates and their families sat down to a turkey dinner. The dance was great, good music and the arena was decorated magnificently. The entrance used by the graduates was stunning, splashes of gold and blue. Not to mention the marriage proposal of Arnold Neeposh to Marelna Otter that night. What a millennium graduation.

The graduation ceremony was held in August this year so that more students could attend. Some of the graduates needed additional credits to graduate. They went to Waskaganish to summer school in order to complete their requirements. When principal, Jean Berube, was asked if the graduation next year would be in August. He replied that it would be up to the parents and students of next year’s class.

Many of the graduates will be continuing their education at the Center d’etudes Collegiales a Chibougamou. This is a one year preparatory college that gives students a chance to ready themselves for further study in the south.

Congratulations to the Waswanipi Class of 2000!

On behalf of the community and the Nation, I would like to wish you all the best in your future plans and whatever you may choose to do even if it may be difficult at times I know you all have the courage and strength to achieve your goals. Everyone is so proud of you!!

Waswanipi class 2000 King and Queen, Irene Blacksmith and Arnold Neeposh. Lance- I am proud of my sister, Irene Blacksmith, for the awards she won Valedictorian.

Lance Blacksmith- How did you like Grad night?

Irene -I was surprised that my classmate proposed that night and I am happy for him to, He was very brave what he did in front of all those people.

What do you want to become?

First of all I am in preparation college to prepare myself for down south. But haven’t decided what I want to master when I grow up.

Were you surprised to become Queen?

I didn’t expected to be queen, but I was happy to be elected.

How did you feel to become Valedictorian?

I was very happy, I have worked hard to become Valedictorian and that was my goal.

Lance- Were you surprised to become King?

Arnold-No, I wasn’t surprised, I already felt like a king because what I did at prom night.

What do you like to become?

I am in preparation college right now and I haven’t decide what to become yet. I’m sure something will come up soon.

Arnold and I have been good friends since we were kids. I was very happy and proud when Arnold proposed on that prom night. Arnold, I am getting an invitation to your wedding, right?? By the way, I am also proud that you were voted king of the class.


English; Irene Blacksmith, Arnold Neeposh, Melanie Neeposh, Leah Simard, Bobby Happyjack, Wayne Mathias, Eleanor Gull, Gabriel Cooper, Jesse Cooper, Nathaniel Saganash.

French; Wilmaly Neeposh, Terry Kitchen, Oliver Icebound, Conrad Happyjack, Christina Gull, Monique Saganash, Elton John Cooper.

Lance- I’m sorry that in the first article I wrote I spelled two names incorrectly. Arnold’s older brother’s name is Sinclair Neeposh Jr. Arnold’s fiancée’s name is Marelna Otter.