Volume 6, Issue 9


“OUR LIFE, OUR WORK, OUR HERITAGE” Motto of the La Coalition sur les forets vierges nordiques Not only the Crees are worried about forestry activities in the Cree territory but also a powerful coalition in Quebec recently announced they want changes to the forestry operations in the area. La Coalition sur les ... read more ››

Blockade season on it’s way?

Long Lake Forest Products Company operations in Nakina, Ontario was shut down March 5 when the Aroland, Eabametoong and Martin Falls First Nations set up the first Native blockade of the season. The blockade came after a band meeting in which locals asked the chiefs and councils what was happening ... read more ››

Chisasibi Hosts Ice Show

The Chisasibi Skating Club is busy planning its second annual ice show for April 19 and 20. Apart from performances by the club’s own members, Chisasibi will also play host to Josef Sabovcik, who got medals in skating at the Olympics and World Championships. “They call him the jumping machine,” said ... read more ››

Cree Mafia Exposed

While an investigation is still ongoing, the joint efforts of local, provincial and federal crime-fighting forces have confirmed the existence of an organized crime network in the Cree territory of James Bay. A spokesman for the task force stated, “We were shocked at the level of activity and the seriousness ... read more ››

cree@large (March 26, 1999)

Thirty years ago in Maniwaki, Quebec a policeman shot and nearly killed a fleeing 15-year-old Indian boy who had stolen a light bulb from an outdoor display. That fateful night inspired an angry young Willy Mitchell to pen his first song, Big Policeman, while recovering from a .38 calibre bullet ... read more ››

Don’t have a cow, man

Members of the radical group Front du Liberation des Animaux swept through a 900-square-mile region of the Abitibi Monday, freeing an estimated 71,000 cows from their human captors. “These cows are finally free to run wild through the wilderness,” said ski-masked FLA member “Jean,” loosing a 200-head Guernsey herd from a ... read more ››


A second Native road blockade of the spring began Monday, March 16 in Temagami, Ontario, this time conducted by the Teme-Augama Anishnabai and Temagami First Nation. The beginning of the blockade has consisted of stopping vehicles and handing out pamphlets that explain the land drivers are traveling across is Aboriginal ... read more ››

First Cree in Space

The mystery of the NASA presence in the Cree Territory has been solved. Those brilliant minds at NASA have determined that James Bay Crees possess the mentality best suited for long-term space exploration, such as the upcoming Mars mission. It was no accident that NASA ended up in James Bay; ... read more ››

I have a friend whose birthday falls on April 1st. April Fool’s day.

I have a friend whose birthday falls on April 1st. April Fool’s day. A few people, in his 38 something years, have called my friend fool to his face for no reason other than he’s made some mistakes in his life, and these people just couldn’t tolerate mistakes cause you ... read more ››

IN MEMORY Joseph Rupert 1915-1999

I heard the news that one of my grandfathers had passed on. Joseph Rupert was born near Waashtikan north of Fort George. His wife Mary died in 1975, they had two children and adopted one and have 14 grandchildren. Joseph, like a patient grandfather, always fulfilled the demands that I made ... read more ››

Journey through the North Land

For a gift recently, I offered to take my Mom and Dad on a trip anywhere in Ontario. To my surprise they did not choose Toronto or Niagara Falls but were set on going to Thunder Bay. My dad Marius and my mom Susan and my friend Mike and I ... read more ››

Mistissini Police rack up another drug bust

Mistissini Police charged a 40 year-old Ille-St-Perot man with trafficking and possession for the purpose of trafficking. Chief Constable Michael Petawabano confirmed the man came into the community to sell drugs and local residents tipped the police off. Petawabano says a rough estimate of the street value of the marijuana ... read more ››


It is my pleasure to announce in this issue of the Nation that we will be running another candidate in this year’s Grand Chief election. Surprised by the fact that Neil Diamond received 3% of the vote in the last election, I learned one thing: some people out there are ... read more ››

Voices of the Elders: The Man and the Giantess

As told by Abraham Mamianskum There was once a man who didn’t have a wife. This man walked around hunting for game. He climbed a small hill and saw another man standing in the distance urinating. The bachelor thought, “I’ll tease him.” So, he took his bow and arrow and shot ... read more ››