Volume 5, Issue 24

“We’re coming to the end of everything”

A year ago, Eloise Charet was living a peaceful existence in the mountains of British Columbia. Logging companies changed that life. Charet, 47, and her 12-year-old daughter joined others blocking a road in the forest to stop the loggers. Charet was arrested and promptly went on a hunger strike (she ... read more ››

A Cree woman faces violence every day in one of the communities

A few months AGO we were informed about an incident in which a Cree woman was gravelysexually and physically abused in one of the communities. Her injuries were so seriousshe had to be med’evaced to a southern hospital for emergency treatment. Doctors hadnever heard of such a serious case of ... read more ››

Accident claims three lives outside Quévillon

People in all the Cree communities were shocked at the news that a vehicle carrying some young people from Chisasibi was involved in a terrible accident. The accident, which occurred on Monday, Oct. 12, on Route 113 outside Lebel-sur-Quévillon, claimed the lives of Theodore Sam, 16, and Patrick Neacappo, 15. A ... read more ››

Carte Blanche A noun meaning full discretionary power

Well, one day, we were all out there walking together. I mean everybody was there from five Cree communities, the leadership, the trappers, the townies, the Elders, the youth, the business people. When I say everybody I mean everybody. The leaders gathered us around and said we were needed. They ... read more ››

Crees and Quebec Talks Signed To Withdraw from Court

It was incorrectly reported by Canadian Press and on CBC Radio that the Crees of Northern Quebec and the Government of the Province of Quebec had signed an Agreement whereby the Crees would withdraw their court action on forestry and hold discussions with the Province on the outstanding forestry issues. On ... read more ››

Did Quebec threaten to cut off funds to Crees?

Did Quebec threaten to cut off funds to Crees if they didn’t back off on the $600-million-plus forestry lawsuit? Some Cree leaders say that’s exactly what happened and that’s why the chiefs agreed to back down at a Sept. 15 meeting. The court action remains on, but for six months it ... read more ››

From Hydro with love

Report of the Commission of Inquiry Into Hydro-Quebec’s purchase of electricity fromprivate producers by the Government of Quebec Montreal, 1997 Every government wants to spread a little money… er, joy to its good friends and party contributors. And the Liberals of Robert Bourassa were no different. This is the inside story ... read more ››

From waskaganish to “Baie Comeau Drakkar” Camp

At 17, Miles Cowboy wants to give a professional hockey career a shot. The “Baie Comeau Drakkar” hockey club (QMJHL) invited Cowboy to its training camp last summer. “The overall experience in Baie Comeau was very interesting. Skating was so fast and the style of play was pretty new to ... read more ››

Laverne Gervais Conto is Taking responsibility…

I first met Laverne Gervais Contois at the Aboriginal Women of Montreal’s open house. As the president of the local chapter of the Quebec Native Women’s Association and a relapse prevention worker for Waseskun House, I knew I wanted to interview her when I met her. It was just a ... read more ››

Shut down SDRJ, says Grand Chief But Crie unity elusive nr commission hearing

Grand Chief Matthew Coon Come has called on Quebec to shut down the James Bay Development Corporation and other provincial entities operating in the Cree territory. He made the comments at the October 6 hearing of the National Assembly’s Commission on Development of the Territory, in Quebec City. The Grand Chief’s point ... read more ››

Status quo not acceptable: Reports Cree-Naskapi Commission

The Cree-Naskapi Commission is putting on a new face in this year’s report to the federal government. The report starts off talking about the limited resources that the commission has had to deal with. Perhaps one of the most serious for the Crees is the inability to do detailed follow-ups ... read more ››

Waswanipi no longer lawless, says band mgr.

Band manager Samuel Gull was happy to hear the Grand Council of the Crees had met with the government and had made a few breakthroughs in policing. Waswanipi police had been laid off since October 9 after the local Band Council decided to suspend police services when council members noticed there ... read more ››