Volume 5, Issue 23

Alien Technology?

It’s all about toys. Right? Right. Now that we have cleared that up, there were a heck of a lot of toys to choose from at the Super Salon de la Motoneige 1998 at Montreal’s Claude Robillard Centre. The star of the show (besides Yamaha Pimpichuu) was the Falcon produced by ... read more ››

Bill Grodinsky, 1950-1998

The Crees lost, as Chief Billy Diamond put it, a fellow human being. Bill Grodinsky died September 23 in a Chisasibi hotel room while he was in town on business. The service and funeral were held Sunday, September 27. Billy Diamond delivered Bill’s eulogy during the service at Paperman and Son’s ... read more ››

Chiefs decide to suspend forestry case

In a surprise move that has left many confused, Cree chiefs and Grand Chief Matthew Coon Come decided to temporarily suspend the Cree forestry lawsuit at a meeting on Sept. 15, sources reported. The Cree leadership voted to enter negotiations with Quebec on forestry and will suspend the case when the ... read more ››

Coalition targets corruption

There’s a grassroots uprising throughout Indian Country. Men and women from reserves in Western Canada are banding together and speaking out. They’re protesting against living in poverty while the chief and council live in comfort, of funds destined for community programs disappearing without explanation, of electoral systems ripe for fraud and ... read more ››

Hockey News

Brant Blackned’s name in the hockey world appears on banners across Canada. From the Midget AAA “Les Forestières d’Amos,” Blackned was drafted by the Quebec Major Junior hockey team “Titans de Laval.” Following a transaction, Blackned was traded to the “Halifax Mooseheads,” in Nova Scotia, where he ended his junior ... read more ››

HQ says controversial herbicide is safe

Hydro-Quebec sprayed tens of thousands of litres of a highly toxic plant-killing chemical which was a major component of Agent Orange at its facilities last year, The Nation has learned. The herbicide 2,4-D can cause cancer and other severe illnesses in people and animals, according to many studies. But Hydro says ... read more ››

It’s the new kid charging up your engine block

Did your car battery freeze this winter? Did you have pay to get a boost because of the cold? There’s a solution that you may not have heard about. Mohawks Juanita Cree, Deborah Etienne and Robert Giroux from Kanehsatake have entered into a business that may help you out. It’s a ... read more ››

Jesus, the Man

Jesus the Man by Barbara Thelrlng Bantam Press (tel.: 416-340-0777) Toronto, 1994 Of all the people who have existed, Jesus is by far one of the most fascinating, if not one of the most loved, of all men. Jesus the Man is the work of Barbara Theiring, an experienced biblical scholar. When she first began ... read more ››

Lead forestry plaintiff up on drug charges

Crees involved in the forestry court action were stunned at the news that the lead plaintiff, Mario Lord, was arrested on drug charges by the Sûreté du Québec in Chibougamau. Lord was arrested on June 30 just outside Chibougamau and later charged with possession of 40 grams of hash, violation of ... read more ››

Never without consent?

News Flash: The Cree forestry court case is in limbo. Rumor Mill: The case is dropped. The Truth: The Grand Chief called an emergency chiefs’ meeting by request of the provincial negotiator, Chief Billy Diamond. The negotiator, who this year made Cree history by finally getting Quebec to agree to the MOU ... read more ››

Nungak resigns

Zebedee Nungak has quit his job as president of the Makivik Corporation after an outcry over his alcohol abuse and irregularities in his work performance. Nungak resigned at a meeting of Makivik’s board of directors on Sept. 18, called to confront him with allegations of erratic behaviour caused by alcohol abuse. “We ... read more ››

Pimpichuu make snowmobile history

At the recent snowmobile show held in Montreal I had a chance to meet Yamaha Canada’s latest addition to snowmobile racing, Team Yamaha Pimpichuu. To my knowledge this is the first all-Aboriginal team to officially become a factory racing team. I interviewed the Cree-history-making team starting with captain Larry MacLeod ... read more ››

Rez Notes

I wasn’t paranoid after all. It wasn’t all that medication I was on. Just kidding. Seriously, I wasn’t kidding. Every theory… okay, most of them… fear, offhand remark, accusation I made, seemingly in jest, on this humble page has come confirmed. Sort of. What is it they say about bearers of ... read more ››

Team Resumé

Team: Yamaha-Pimpichuu Snowmobiles: Yamaha ‘Mountain Max 700’ Community: Cree Nation of Mistissini Racers Name: Larry MacLeod Age: 30 Weight: 225 lbs. – 102 kg Height: 5’ 11“ – 1.8 metres Experience: “Raid des Braves” 4th overall 1994 “Chisasibi Raid” 1st overall 1994 “Raid des Braves” 2nd overall 1995 “Raid des Braves” 2nd overall 1996 “Chisasibi Raid” 1 st overall 1996 “Raid des Braves” 1st overall 1997 ... read more ››

Under The Northern Sky Weddings

Often I get ideas for this column from events and things that happen around me. There is a wedding coming up in my family. My cousin Irene Rose Is going to marry a young man by the name of Ashley Allard. They are currently living and working in Wemindji, a ... read more ››

Weekend Party Indian style

Organizers called the Native Friendship Center of Montreal’s 17th annual Pow Wow, held on September 12-13, one of the urban Aboriginal events of the year. I love Pow Wow’s. They provide an opportunity for people to get together and join in dancing, singing, visiting, renewing old friendships and making new ones. ... read more ››