Volume 5, Issue 6

cree@large (February 3, 1998)

Everybody in my family was an artist” replies Anishnabe painter Glenna Matoush when asked what she dreamed of being as a girl. Like many native people, Glenna was surrounded by art growing up in a small reserve two hours north of Toronto. The ninth of thirteen children, Glenna would watch and ... read more ››

Crees talk conditions for Great Whale Matthew Mukash vows: “We’re not going to bodge”

Is the dreaded Great Whale project slowly and quietly moving ahead despite the opposition of the Cree people? Ghislain Ouellet, executive vice-president of Hydro-Quebec, told The Nation the utility has already met Cree representatives twice to discuss new hydro projects and other issues. Also discussed: “the conditions under which development could ... read more ››

Ex-Bishop Horden student seeks $3 min

Billy Ottereyes, a former chief of Waswanipi, is demanding compensation from the federal government for abuse he and other Crees say they faced as students at the Bishop Horden Residential School. He is seeking $3 million. “I’m not the only one who has a problem with this,” he said in a phone ... read more ››

Fires in school a “cry for help”

Mistissini’s Voyageur Memorial School closed down for three days on January 29. The safety of Voyageurs student population was cited as one the reasons by the school administration. Some students had been starting small fires in the school and playing with the fire alarm system. Voyageur Memorial didn’t bother to fix up ... read more ››

First strike in Chisasiri

Some of Canada’s most famous Kung Fu masters will be converging on Chisa-sibi in May for an exhibition that is sure to knock your snowshoes off. Plans are also under way for them to give a seminar to those interested in a hands-on lesson in the ancient Chinese fighting style of ... read more ››

Names of Lakes

(Told by Sally Matthew) The elder who handed over his hunting territory to us was my grandfather Samson Neacappo. What I heard from him, the reason why the lakes have those names on his hunting territory, that is what I’ll talk about. He told us some of those lakes, the ones ... read more ››

Open or broken?

I was flabbergasted, amazed and quite shocked at a recent discussion that took place at a CRA Council/Board meeting. A chief suggested that perhaps a request should be made to have the Auditor General of Canada look into the Grand Coun-cil/CRA financial records. I applaud and support those efforts. I ... read more ››


This is a very difficult subject to talk about especially coming from a small native northern community. But I think it is about time to bring it out into the open. As a child, I always knew that I was gay. But I knew that I had to keep it hidden ... read more ››

The 15-million-dollar man delivers

It’s been four and a half years and an estimated $400,000 of Cree money spent since Cree negotiator Chief Billy Diamond first started talking to the provincial government. By February 19, the Crees’ long wait to see movement on the part of Quebec will likely come to pass. Crees are ... read more ››

You Say You Want A Resolution?(with apologies to Lennon and McCartney)

There’s always a touch of the absurd, a smattering of the ridiculous and a dash of insanity when dealing with bureaucracy. Last fall, October 28, I called my band council office in Waskaganish to ask for, as is my right, a copy of a resolution. Resolution number 53,1 had heard from ... read more ››

Your Horrorscope

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18) Your fear of deep emotional involvement is gone. Make yourself more accessible by accentuating your sex appeal. Keep in touch with those inner signals which will allow you to graduate into the field of romance. Be on the prowl for a soulmate. Pisces (Feb 19-March 20) You’ve ... read more ››