Some of Canada’s most famous Kung Fu masters will be converging on Chisa-sibi in May for an exhibition that is sure to knock your snowshoes off.

Plans are also under way for them to give a seminar to those interested in a hands-on lesson in the ancient Chinese fighting style of Kung Fu.

The show will be a glimpse into the heart of Chinese culture, with the first-ever performance of the Chinese lion dance on Cree soil.

Present will be respected teachers of Kung Fu styles from every corner of China: Wing Chun, the style learned by Bruce Lee, White Crane, Praying Mantis, Eagle Claw, Choy Lay Fut and Chin-Na joint-locking techniques.

Also: a rare look at the infamous Drunken Style, which legend has it must be performed while under the influence.

Still to be confirmed: the presence of a 74-year-old Kung Fu master from Toronto who has brought audiences to their feet with his incredible performances.

“This will be the first time that a show of this quality will be held in the James Bay area,” says Jean Lauzier, Sifu (or master) of the Chisasibi Shaolin Long Fist Kung Fu Association.

Sifu Lauzier has taught Kung Fu for six years in Chisasibi. He has 50 students, some of whom will also be performing at the show. He wants to show people that martial arts is about more than simply fighting.

It involves intense mental concentration and discipline, precise coordination of your entire mental and physical being, years of patience and endless training. It is a way of life.

Already, the Chisasibi Kung Fu association has raised $7,000 toward the costs of bringing everyone up North by holding a community bingo. They hope Air Creebec will agree to be the official sponsor of the event.

Sifu Lome Bernard, of the Shaolin White Crane Kung Fu Club of Montreal, is excited to be helpingorganize the event and for the chance to be a guest in lyiyuuschii. He promises the audience anaction-packed show with “quite a variety of hand and weapons techniques,” including the spear,three-section staff, halbert and various types of swords.