Volume 5, Issue 3

100 Years Sober

At the start of this New Year, just when I had almost given up hope that anybody would answer the calls to utilize this editorial space, I received an interesting surprise. / respected Elder, Santa Claus, e-mailed The Nation. Hope you enjoy. -Will Well, it was touch and go there for ... read more ››

Christmas shopping in Val d’Or… Worth the trip ?

In mid-November, I thought that it wouldn’t be a bad idea if I’d go shopping in Val d’Or. I’d take the opportunity to look around for some rebates and at the same time do my Christmas shopping. I thought that I’d save a lot more on many different items, food ... read more ››

Honourable Mention

In this essay I would like to write about a very special person who I care about. This person is my grandmother Hilda Hester Diamond. I chose to talk about her, because I have learned a lot from her. I want to write about what her childhood was like when ... read more ››

If you can read this, friends, then it’s probably safe to say that you survived Christmas…

If you can read this, friends, then it’s probably safe to say that you survived Christmasand, especially, the New Years festivities in the communities okay and you can still followthis very very long sentence but your heads are throbbing and you wish it would just stop causeyou’re not ready for ... read more ››

Runner Up: Respecting the Elders

Miriam Moar, Secondary 5, English, Ecole Wiinibekuu School An Elder is one of the older, longer experienced, influential members of a family and community. This definition of what an Elder is should mean something to us. We need to respect their role by showing them that we are there to listen ... read more ››

The Rouyn Tournament

The Mayor of Rouyn-Noranda was present for the opening ceremonies along with the directors of thevarious communities. Also present were John Kitchen, chief of Waswanipi, Remi Trudel of Plaza Dupuis,Marc Buteault, president of the local winter games, John Pash, Pierre Jacques, Gerard Page, Michel Guay, Ahsley Iserhoff, Matthew Swallow, Edward ... read more ››