Volume 4, Issue 24

Between Friends: Make-Over

Between Friends asked for volunteers for its first ever makeover and sadly no one responded. Soooo, we twisted Nian’s arm once again. It took some convincing but in the end she was a very good sport about it. Besides, the hair and make-up was free. Nian was tired of her long, ... read more ››

Chisasibi Airport Facelift Starts

Work to improve the Chisasibi airstrip is now officially under way. The $1.8-million facelift will give the airstrip a new gravel runway, a taxiway and tarmac, a runway lighting system and a building to house the electrical system. The community has complained about the poor airport facilities since it moved from Fort ... read more ››

Chisasibi Hosts Bantam CC Tournament – Cree Nation Bears Head into a New Season

It is the first time ever that a Cree hockey team has entered a structured hockey league in the Abitibi region, the Bantam “CC” Inter-Cite. Stan Jones initiated the project of hosting Bantam CC tournaments in James Bay, starting with Chisasibi. Stan is the director of hockey development and works for ... read more ››

Cree Educators and the Language They Love

With the introduction of Cree as a Language of Instruction, many hurdles had to be overcome. One such hurdle, according to former Cree School Board Chairman Luke MacLeod, was the whole concept of teaching in Cree. “It was like people thought that English or French were the only languages that could ... read more ››

Logging Roads Claim 20 Lives Each Year: MNR

Accidents on Quebec’s logging roads claim 20 lives every year, but these roads remain exempt from the Highway Code. Each year, 250 people are involved in accidents on Quebec logging roads, says the Ministry of Natural Resources. But because the roads are not public, speed limits and other safety regulations don’t ... read more ››

Native Girl’s Killer Freed

Dwayne Archie Johnston, the man who killed Helen Betty Osborne 26 years ago, is out on parole. Grabbed by four men on the street, Osborne, a 19-year-old Native girl, was stabbed 56 times with a screwdriver in The Pas, Manitoba. The identity of the white suspects was well known in town but ... read more ››

No Forests Left in 50 years: WWF

Almost two-thirds of the planet’s original forests have already been destroyed, and if deforestation continues at present rates, there will be virtually no natural forests left in 50 years. This is the alarming conclusion of the World Wildlife Fund in a report this month. Of 8 billion hectares of forest covering the ... read more ››

Rez Notes

Two weeks in the life of the nation. Monday morningish and the latest edition of The Nation has arrived from the printer. The Nation team get their first look at the latest product. There are some oohs and aahs and once in a while an awww make its way into the ... read more ››

Waskaganish Takes Aim at the CRA

The debate over reorganizing the Cree Regional Authority has taken a new turn. The Waskaganish First Nation has sent a letter to the CRA asking to take over a wide range of services. In the letter, the band says the CRA hasn’t provided adequate services to Waskaganish, according to those who ... read more ››