Between Friends asked for volunteers for its first ever makeover and sadly no one responded. Soooo, we twisted Nian’s arm once again. It took some convincing but in the end she was a very good sport about it. Besides, the hair and make-up was free.

Nian was tired of her long, thick and heavy hair. She didn’t have the time and energy to style it every morning before class. She wanted a sassier cut that was less demanding and would be ready to go at a moments notice.

Gino Maglieri, nominated best hairdresser in Quebec this year, was up for the challenge and generously donated his creativity and time from his busy schedule. He had just returned from LA eager to show the latest looks from the coast.

Gino prides himself on personalizing the hair-cut to suit the person and their lifestyle. Nian has an oval/round face shape – Gino said it’s the perfect shape because you can do anything with it. To begin with, Gino studied her hair and asked her what she liked and didn’t like about it. It was quite long, and pretty heavy. Gino said that by using some new techniques called razor slicing and feathering, he could create a one length effect with volume, layered on the sides to bring out contours of her face. Gino talked a lot about “interlocking the hair” – instead of cutting straight across for a blunt cut, the hair is feathered to fall gently and naturally. He feathered just the hair on top of her head to add volume – with this technique, the shorter hair underneath the longer layers gives it more bounce and lift. He wanted to add more of a textured look to her silky hair by creating layers and wisps that frame her face. It gives a more subtle look, keeping the length while eliminating the weight of the hair.

After the cut, Gino worked his styling magic and shared some tips with us:

Blow-dry the hair upside down, using a flatbrush to give lift and bounce. NO hairspray Gino instead used a tiny dab of luminating gel, to add gloss and sheen. The look is natural and flattering. She looks awesome!

For the cosmetic portion of the make-over, we had an appointment at the Clarins counter at The Bay. The makeup artist took care not to muss her new do and went to work. The colors he chose were blues, greens and browns, representing the sky, the color of nature, and the earth. You can tell from the illustration that he went into a lot of detail and used a lot of makeup. It was hard to keep track of what he was putting where and why, but in the end she looked beautiful. However, when Nian first saw her reflection in the mirror, the cherry-red lips made her squeal, “I look like a hussy!” We reassured her that she looked great and that it would all eventually wash off.

Keep in mind – this completely flawless “done-up” look is not very appropriate for most of our every-day lives, unless you’re a supermodel. Want a more practical look for us real people? Lighten up on the dramatic eye makeup, go for a more natural lipstick color, use a dot of concealer under eyes, a little shine-free powder and go for a clean and natural look! Important tip to pass on – no matter what your make-up routine is, maintenance is most important. Moisturizing your face, especially around eyes, every night and morning, is a must to keep your skin young and wrinkle-free!