Volume 4, Issue 13

Catch, Twist, Roll, Drop…

Winnipeg at present is a headline writer’s wet dream.” Red River Rising, The Exodus Begins, 20,000 Set To Flee, Flood Of The Century, Higher And Higher. Gates Of salvation, From Bad To Worse” And the latest,” 10,000 Winnipeggers On Evacuation Alert” Just days from now the name of the city will once ... read more ››

Chisasibi Gets $1.8M for Airport – But Still no Air Ambulance, Electricity, Building

It may have gone unnoticed in the rest of the country, but the federal government’s very first election goodie apparently went to the Crees. A 17-year wait for Chisasibi finally came to an end on April 22 when the feds pledged $1.8 million to give the community’s airstrip a much-needed facelift. ... read more ››

Council of Elders

It was intended that once a permanent council of Elders was established and its role and mandate were finalized, a report would be sent to The Nation explaining the purpose of the Council. However, the confusion that is starting to develop regarding the Council of Elders and the increasing number ... read more ››

Donohue Plans 94-Km Logging Road

It was unthinkable 10 years ago, but loggers now have their eyes on the most northern commercially viable trees in Iyiyuuschii. Montreal-based Donohue is reaching out to the end of the treeline with a new forestry road in the Waswanipi territory. The company wants to start work on a new 94-kilometre logging ... read more ››

Irwin Out

Indian Affairs and Northern Development Minister Ron Irwin has announced he will not seek re-election. Irwin thanked his family and friends, and said “meegwetch” to the Elders, chiefs, Native and Inuit peoples who “have befriended me and taught me.”

Looking Back – Through Different Eyes

Do you remember that old song by Willie Dunn? Went something like this: “Here come the anthro’s…” It is a song on how those people have left a bitterness with how they conducted themselves and what they did. Today, however, a different picture is seen by Indians across the landscape ... read more ››

Minks Freak Out

An attempt by U.S. animal-rights activists to free minks from an Ontario fur farm ended in disaster when 300 of the 1,500 animals died from exposure and stress after being released. Another 30 were hit by cars on nearby roads, and an unknown number were killed fighting among themselves. Most of the ... read more ››

Nungak Back

Zebedee Nungak is back at the helm of Makivik Corporation for three more years. Nungak won 79 per cent of the Nunavik vote in the April 11 election. About half of the 4,347 eligible voters cast a ballot. “I feel entirely comfortable with the result,” said Nungak. -Nunatsiaq News

OPP Guilty As Charged In Shooting

Judge Hugh Fraser accused an Ontario Provincial Police officer of “concocting” excuses and found him guilty of negligence causing death in the shooting of a Chippewa protester in 1995. Dudley George, 30, was killed by a machine gun bullet during an assault by 50 OPP riot-squad and tactical-unit officers on a ... read more ››

Political Fasttracks?

After 17 years of talking you’d expect somebody would get the message. After 17 years of talking you’d expect that somebody would understand the message. After 17 years of patience you’d expect more than a slap in the face. That is in effect what the Liberal government did when they tossed ... read more ››

Quebec Almost Fails Enviro-Test

Quebec is “an inch from flunking” the World Wildlife Fund’s annual report card on the environment. The province got a D-minus, one of the lowest grades in the country. Last year, it got a C-minus. Quebec was chastized for sluggish progress on protecting wilderness from logging, mining and hydro-electric development. In 1992, ... read more ››

Seneca Face Mass Arrests, Beatings After Rally

A peaceful demonstration at Cattaraugus called the Honour Indian Treaties Rally to protest the imposition of New York State taxation on Indians turned into a violent confrontation with State Police. Over 1,000 Seneca and their supporters, including non-Natives, were marching along Routes 5 and 20 on Sunday, April 20, with placards, ... read more ››

She’s My Little Deuce Coupe…

Hot dusty days and sweltering heat on gravel roads make any trip a mini-version of hell guaranteed to have sinners praying for something cool if you haven’t any air conditioning in your car. Up north it’s a must-have option but one that you have to take care of. It’s recommended ... read more ››