ARTICLES BY Kenneth Deer

Paranoia Can Kill

Twenty-four years ago in early December, Anna Mae Pictou-Aquash, a Miq’maq from Nova Scotia, was kidnapped from a Denver, Colorado, home, driven to the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota and shot in the back of the head. Her body lay in a shallow ditch for three months until it was ... read more ››

The Crisis – Nine Years Later

Every year at this time we are reminded of the events of 1990. The news articles in local and national newspapers, the stories on the television news and the Spiritual Gathering in Kanehsatake all keep the memories of that year alive. In Kahnawake, our own Echoes of a Proud Nation ... read more ››

Seneca Face Mass Arrests, Beatings After Rally

A peaceful demonstration at Cattaraugus called the Honour Indian Treaties Rally to protest the imposition of New York State taxation on Indians turned into a violent confrontation with State Police. Over 1,000 Seneca and their supporters, including non-Natives, were marching along Routes 5 and 20 on Sunday, April 20, with placards, ... read more ››