Volume 3, Issue 11

150 Jobs for Crees?

The La Grande Agreement guaranteed 150 permanent jobs with Hydro-Quebec by 1996. Today’s reality falls far short of these numbers. It was expected that about 300 Crees would undergo training and 150 would be hired. Today the LG3 training facility is empty and has been shut down. Only 80 Crees ... read more ››

As we’ve all come to expect…

As we’ve all come to expect Rez Notes once again attempts to say as little as possible with the most number of words. We just might have succeeded this time. We have not spotted any geese flying over here in Montreal yet oh, gentle hunters. But we’ve been informed that several ... read more ››

Beloved Sister

Margaret Evadney Neeposh-Joliy was born to Johnny Neeposh and Rosie Tent-Neeposh on September 18,1949. Margaret lost her battle with cancer on March 9,1996, the same illness that took her father on December 23,1988 at 71 years of age. She was a loving daughter, sister, mother, grandmother, aunt and friend. She ... read more ››

Business Show A Success

On April 16 & 17, a Native Entrepreneurship conference took place at the Radisson Hotel in Montreal. Many businesses from across Quebec came to set up stands. Everything from floating docks, outfitting camps, government services, tobacco wholesalers and pavement opportunities were featured. Some of the speakers on the program included ... read more ››

Chisasibi 2nd Annual Basketball Tournambnt Results

GIRLS Champions: Mistissini -$500 + Sweatshirts & medals Finalists: Wemindji Hawks -$250 + keychains Top scorer: Roberta Petawabano (73 points in 4 games) Mistissini M.V.P: Elizabeth Shashaweskum – Wemindji Best sportsmanship: Stephine Jolly – Nemaska BOYS Champions: Mistissini -$500 + sweatshirts & medals Finalists: Chisasibi Hurricanes -$250 + keychains Consolation: Wemindji -T-shirts Top Scorer: Jimmy Coon-Come (42 points in three ... read more ››

Cree Constructon In Court Over Route Du Nord

After two years of trying to reach an out-of-court settlement Freddy Jolly is about to have his day in court. On May 9th, he will be attempting to launch a class action suit against Cree Construction, the James Bay Development Corporation, the Attorney General of Quebec and the Attorney General of ... read more ››


A Cree Band from Pukatawagan, Manitoba have said that they would rather burn the forest than to allow international logging company Recap Industries to cut it. Tensions remain high after recently a $700,000 machine was torched and a blockade followed stopping construction of the access logging road. The forest in question ... read more ››

Health Canada Talks To You: Building Healthy communities

In 1994 Health Canada introduced a new initiative called Building Healthy Communities. This program provides funding to aboriginal communities to help create healthier family and community environments in which all members can thrive. Its objective is to give communities the means to expand and improve the quality of, and access ... read more ››

Matthew Iseihoff Jr. Honoured with international award

Every year The Foundation for Exceptional Children conducts an international program called Yes I Can!. This is to recognize outstanding achievements of children and youth with disabilities. One of the 35 persons honoured this year was Matthew Iserhoff Jr. People who win this award are chosen from thousands of entries ... read more ››

Once Lost

In the recent year and a half, my life seems to have taken on a new path. Every day to day life experience carries a new meaning in which most people tend to ignore or not recognize. We seem to dwell on the past, totally forgetting what we have in ... read more ››

Q & A

Q My owner’s manual says I need an API (American Petroleum Institute) service rating SF engine oil. All I can find is SG. Is that okay ? A Yes. The API service ratings proceed in alphabetical order, so SG is a higher standard than SF. Owner’s manuals typically say “use SF ... read more ››

Sacrilege at Aboriginal Awards?

Mohawk promoter John Kim Bell and the CBC came under fire for using Iroquoian Masks in the Aboriginal Achievements Awards show televised April 15th. The complaint was made to the CRTC by George Miller, a Mohawk from the Six Nations reserve in Ontario. He says that the masks used were ... read more ››

Solar Power

Hydro officials are considering whether or not to have an independent inquiry into the Solar temple’s links to senior Hydro-Quebec employees. HQ Chairman Martineau said that he is currently looking at evidence and would wait for a report from the Quebec Auditor-General before he makes his final decision. A former ... read more ››

Supreme Court O.K.’s Hunting

In a recent case called R. v. Badger The Supreme Court of Canada rule that hunting on private land was acceptable in certain cases. The land must not be used for a purpose that interfered with hunting. For example if there was a farm or a house near or on ... read more ››

The Nation’s Vehicle Maintenance Tips

Oil your way to longer engine life Why should I change the oil in my car? It’s all too easy to forget that your car’s engine generates temperatures in excess of 200°G under normal operating conditions. If it’s a turbo, that’s more like 300°C! Oil prevents metal to metal contact and ... read more ››