Volume 2, Issue 24

A dream for all of Quebec

It was a harrowing night for many as eyes were glued to the screen or listening to the results of the referendum coming. You could feel the tension and the excitement every time your side, your vote’s, percentage points went up. Even seeing a .01-per-cent change gave you that “oh-my-god, ... read more ››

Back on the bandwagon

I’m back on the “band wagon” again, saying curling is a must in our community. Curling is a sport which has given me great pleasure in the past Living in an isolated northern community with my husband and young family, I found the winter months long and confinement to the house ... read more ››

Centre to focus on wellness, growth

It’s a subject most people would rather not discuss, but domestic violence occurs and it affects virtually everyone in our communities. Until we talk about it, it will continue to destroy our families, communities and the future of our children. Children learn by example and domestic violence is not an exception ... read more ››

Do not pass go

Canada is going on trial. A dozen Elders and other Native jurors will converge on Toronto from across the country and as far away as New Zealand to hear arguments at the first session of the First Nations International Court of Justice next April. On trial will be the Canadian government ... read more ››

Fatal accident near Chisasibi

Two Chisasibi residents are dead after a car failed to stop at an intersection and was knocked into the ditch by a dump truck. Bella Ratt, 27, was driving the car that didn’t stop at the intersection of Pherpheric Rd. and the James Bay Highway 6 km outside the community. A truck ... read more ››

Freedom to Choose

Recently The Nation published numerous writings about Cree values, Native religions and spiritual values. Several people have been interviewed, given opinions or demonstrated their beliefs in the revival of new religions foreign or Native. Historically the Crees, as everyone is aware, primarily adopted the Anglican or Catholic faiths as the first ... read more ››

Harris tightens the screws

Mike Harris has got them ducking for cover in Mushkegowuk. Ontario’s controversial new premier is moving fast to make life harder for First Nations people, says Mushkegowuk Grand Chief RoseAnne Archibald. “We’re wary of how his views are affecting his leadership,” said Archibald, who described Harris as “slightly racist.” During his election ... read more ››

In memory of our father Allan Kakabat who passed away on November 15, 1979

I am describing a man who was important to me and who I respected and loved very much. He had broad shoulders and muscular arms. He was about six feet tall. His hands looked tough and big but his touch was gentle. He had short black hair combed to the ... read more ››

In the Cree camp: an Interview with Grand Chief Matthew Coon Come

The Cree War Room at the Sheraton emptied as speech makers started. Coon Come along with Bill Namagoose and Brian Craik watched to the end as speeches were made. Coon Come had days before announced the results of the Cree referendum to Canadian media. The Cree position was clear and ... read more ››

New logging road angers Waswanipi

A lot of people in Waswanipi want to send a warning to Domtar. They say they’re ready to do what it takes to stop the giant forestry company’s bid to build a 59-km logging road into the virgin forests northwest of the community. “The battlefield has been chosen and the spear ... read more ››

Resort annoys First Nations

Another standoff is brewing in British Columbia, this time over a ski resort. People of the Penticton First Nation and two other Native communities are fighting a $20-million expansion of a nearby ski resort. They have built fortified bunkers along a road, and say they are armed and prepared to defend ... read more ››

Rez Notes

You are no doubt wondering why Rez Notes did not appear in our previous issue. I could give the excuse that the poem printed in its place was so deep we just had to put it on page four. The truth is that I was on a drinking binge discussing the ... read more ››

Volleyball Fever

The results are in from Nemaska’s 1st Invitational Volleyball Tournament held Oct. 27 to 29. Women’s Division Champions: Mistissini, 3 ($2,000) Finalists: Nemaska I, I ($1,000) Individual Awards Best Setter: Kathy Metabie, Mistissini Best Offensive: Sarah Glisky, Chisasibi Best Defensive: Parsha Kitishmik, Nem. Most Valuable Player: Stephanie Mianscum, Mistissini Best Sportsmanship: Waskaganish ... read more ››