I am describing a man who was important to me and who I respected and loved very much. He had broad shoulders and muscular arms. He was about six feet tall. His hands looked tough and big but his touch was gentle. He had short black hair combed to the right side of his forehead. The eyebrows were slightly arched. His eyes were black and serene. When he smiled his eyes gleamed with warmth and love through the glasses he wore. He had medium complexion and his mustache was nicely curved around his upper lip. The expression on his face was always pleasant.

He was soft-spoken but when he sang his voice was resounding. He loved to play his guitar at dances and in his spare time.

He was a provider, working hard to make money to give us proper nourishment. He also went out to the bush to provide us with traditional food. It was on one of those hunting trips that an unfortunate accident on the ice took him from us.

Although he’s been gone for a long time, the memories of him are still alive in our hearts.

I think I’m one of the luckiest people here in this whole wide world because I can proudly say he was my Dad.