Volume 2, Issue 21

Bill 1 called a “shameful declaration”

“I ask: How can people who claim these rights deny these same rights to us? Where is the logic?” With those words, Grand Chief Matthew Coon Come went on the attack against Bill 1, the Quebec government’s Declaration of Sovereignty, at hearings of the Cree Eeyou-Astchee Commission in Montreal. The Grand Chief ... read more ››

Billy Diamond acclaimed

Billy Diamond was re-elected by acclamation as Chief of Waskaganish in community elections on Sept. 20. He was the only candidate for the position. Jimmy Trapper beat out two other candidates for the job of Deputy Chief with 164 votes versus 136 for Bert Moar Jr. and 75 for Ian Diamond. Seventeen ... read more ››

Can’t get no sympathy

Quebecers are less sympathetic to Native people than other Canadians, according to a new poll. The survey shows a majority of Canadians wouldn’t mind seeing some First Nations laws replacing federal and provincial laws in Native communities. But in Quebec, 55 per cent oppose the idea or are neutral. In Ontario, 59 ... read more ››

Child Rearing

(as told by Annie Herodier) A woman has a great amount of skills and knowledge. Today, I will talk to young mothers and also fathers who are rearing children. A small child grows up from his parents and the one who looks after our lives made the woman the one to ... read more ››

Crees carry the load too long

Crees are shouldering the burden of Quebec’s energy choices, says the Grand Council in a brief to the Public Commission on Quebec’s Energy Future. Almost half of Quebec’s energy production takes place on Cree ancestral lands, said the GCCQ, and Crees are entitled to a special role in any reflections on ... read more ››

Relocation blues at Cree construction

The relocation of Cree Construction could prove disastrous for the company that has proven to be a consistent money-maker for the Crees, says a study by a Montreal accounting firm. But not everyone agrees with the study and one Cree business leader says it overlooks a lot of benefits of a ... read more ››

Rez Notes

Greetings dear mortals. Allow me to welcome you to this page. One that, with your assistance, cooperation and blind obedience, will flourish and live on in our pages, hearts and minds for as long as is humanly possible. We all know how all of Creedom loves gossip, rumours and truths ... read more ››

The Nation Guide

You mustn’t skip town when you’re in Montreal before you’ve sampled Indian cuisine. No, it isn’t the sigabon we receive on the plane almost every spring. You know… Indian as in India. The real India. But never mind that and go to The Bombay Palace (2051 Ste. Catherine). You might have ... read more ››

The Neverendum: The Second Coming

In the first session of the 35st Legislature, Bill 1 was introduced called an “Act Respecting the Future of Quebec.” On October 30 the polls will open and Cree destiny may change. The referendum hits Quebec’s population yet again. Though the wording skirts around the subject, it is still the ... read more ››

Violet Pachanos says gender cost her votes / New Chief stresses value of church

Charles Bobbish is just settling into his new job as Chief of Chisasibi and already he’s swamped. “There are a lot of files I have to look at,” he said. “I’m not too sure where everything is right now.” In an interview with The Nation, Bobbish admitted he didn’t expect to ... read more ››

Who goosed the moose

A Quebec judge has tossed out a Cree bid to stop sports hunters from killing any moose this season in the Waswanipi Territory. The Grand Council was trying to get an injunction to force the Quebec Environment Ministry to live up to its obligations under the James Bay Agreement. With current ... read more ››