(as told by Annie Herodier)

A woman has a great amount of skills and knowledge. Today, I will talk to young mothers and also fathers who are rearing children. A small child grows up from his parents and the one who looks after our lives made the woman the one to carry the child. The child that we are given a woman carries for nine months inside her for the child to grow. When she is about to give birth, there are many thoughts of pain; however, when the mother has given birth, she already forgets what she had felt because she is happy to see and hold what has been growing inside her. All hope for a mother to really take care of her child that came from her. It was her blood that was taken from her body so her child could grow.

Everyone knows that a small infant is completely helpless. He just cries because that is all he knows how to do. The parents should understand that their baby’s crying means that the child is hungry, wet, wants to be washed or held. The parents should really observe their child to understand what it wants so it will feel good and sleep well. The mother is given knowledge to understand her child even when it cannot talk. She understands what is happening to her young child and tries to tend to his needs. To still understand her child even when it is very small, that is one of the skills and knowledge that women have. Even when very young, a child knows that he is being well taken care of or when he is neglected and ignored. There is no reason for a child not to know even when he cannot say it When your children get bigger, you should properly take care of them and not just run away from them to do other things. When there is no important reason for you to leave your child, it is good when you look after your own children. You should not think negatively when your children clamp you down because your children will eventually grow up. Forget what is happening outside for now and raise your children if you have children. One day your children will be all grown up and then you will have the time to do what you want to do. After your child has moved out and has a family of his own and when he comes in to his parents’ house, the first thing he says is, “Where is my mother?” That is the first person he thinks about. That is another one of women’s skills and knowledge for a parent to make her children happy.

While you are rearing your children, you should look after them and put them to sleep early. When the parent puts her child to bed early, the parent also rests. I know it is difficult to do that during thesummer but you parents should still not forget to give yourselves a rest and put your mind at ease knowing that your children are inside sleeping. While a child sleeps and doesn’t move, that is when he physically grows and his mind develops.

Even when you are loaded with work at home or at a job, your children should be the first on your mind. Even when she doesn’t work, a mother’s job is still never-ending when raising her children. We should really take care of our children-treat them well, feed them properly, clean them. When you see your children’s hands and faces need to be washed before you put them to bed, be sure to wash them. You should also wash their clothing.

A child’s happiness comes from knowing that his parents are treating him well and that he is respectfully taken care of. A small child looks up at his parents and they are the ones he thinks of most They’re the ones he knows best A child sees and knows when the parents don’t treat each other properly and don’t talk to each other well. So we should think of how we hurt our children when we show them what they are not supposed to see. When we think that he is too young to understand, a child knows things very early. Even when he doesn’t listen to what is being said while he is playing, he still listens and it still goes into his thoughts what he hears and sees. We hurt our children many times but they don’t do that to us. That is why we are required to properly take care of children and also our grandchildren.

A woman’s work is never done. Her task is always there. She always knows what to do with herself for things to run well for her. A woman’s skills and knowledge are also great. Her thoughts are varied and her capabilities are varied. One woman is not capable in what another woman is capable at and vice versa, and that is why we should not be negative to one another. Our grandmothers and the other women who were around us were the ones who really taught us women’s skills and knowledge. You who are rearing children, you are not negatively criticized when you are told something but it is hoped of you that you will understand how to properly take care of your children. Someone knows what to tell those who are currently raising children when they have already raised children of their own. There will come a time for you to tell your children how to rear their children. When they are rearing children of their own, you will teach them. There is no one who instantly understands and knows how to rear children. There are times when a young woman doesn’t believe what she is told and there are times when she believes and there are times when she believes it when she sees it for herself that which has been said to her.

Those of you who currently have children, really try to take care of your children. From the place where your children were given unto you, it will be nice to look upon you when you take care of them. Don’t think that they are clamping you down. Let it be for now. There will come a time when raising your children will end. That is when you will find peace of mind when you finished raising them properly. That is why you are told to raise your children well and talk to them a lot and hope that they will grow up well so they will not face any difficulties. A child is very happy when his parents have raised him well and his thoughts have been instilled properly. I am hopeful for children to do well and to be well taken care of. Don’t let your children be pulled by something that is not good, not to hurt them while they are young. While young children still don’t know what is good and what is bad, we are the ones who should tell them and to take care of them.