Volume 2, Issue 19

Aboriginal publishers meet for first time

An historic event took place at Vancouver B.C. August 17th to the 20th. It was the National Aboriginal Publishers Conference. It was the first gathering of its kind. It was presented by the En’owkin Center and Theytus Books, hosted by Simon Fraser University. Delegates involved in publishing came in from all over ... read more ››

Bill Sleaver: a community man for all the right reasons

May 31st, 1996 will be the day that Bill Sleaver retires. Bill Sleaver’s paying job is manager of the Moosonee LCBO store. He was asked 24 years ago to take a hardship posting for two years only. He’s still in Moosonee. Sleaver’s other job seems to be Mr. Community. Upon retirement ... read more ››

Congratulations to all INFHL award winners in OJ

The “MVP” calibre We all saw last year’s games and this year’s games. But we saw Joshua Bosum on team Opataca stealing the most coveted award, the “MVP” (Hart trophy). He went to lead the league in scoring with 188 points. Very close behind was Willy Bosum on team Opemiska. Note: ... read more ››

Crees will defend rights, Quebec told

Crees can stand proud for defeating the Great Whale River Project, says the yearly report of the Grand Council of the Crees and CRA. But Crees will be also standing on guard against any attempt by Jacques Parizeau’s government to violate their human and national rights, the report adds. “In 1971, the ... read more ››

Health bd., doctor sold for $153,600

Three years ago, Kenneth Weistche walked into the health clinic in Waskaganish complaining of a pain in his back. He walked out with a bunch of pills. Forthe next three months, he kept going back almost every day, trying to get treated. The pain got worse and worse, but the doctor ... read more ››

Maamuuteusiitaa: 1st Mistissini Traditional Gathering

Maamuuteusiitaau is the name used for the 1st Mistissini Traditional Gathering. It took place July 19-24 and as the name implies was the first kind of its sort for Mistissini. The stated purpose of the Gathering was to strengthen family and community ties, promote and maintain traditional cultural and values ... read more ››

Magic Revealed

I am honoured that she took the time to talk to The Nation. She is controversial. She is a scholar, a professor, an intellectual, a communicator, apoet and a fighter, above all else, she is Hawai’ian. Her beauty, power and magic embodies everything that she is and everything she does. Her ... read more ››

N. Quebec fire flurry

Forest fires raged in parts of James Bay in the middle of August. For a few days, people in Waswanipi could smell the smoke in the morning air and see a hazy cloud on the horizon. A fire was blazing about 50 kilometres south of Miquelon. Another fire came close to Chibougamau, ... read more ››

RCMP should avoid Waco-style shootout in B.C.

(Reprinted with permission from The Montreal Gazette on Tuesday, August 22. William Johnson is the paper’s national affairs columnist.) OTTAWA – Now, wait a minute. We don’t need a Waco-style shootout scene in this country. Nor do we need an Oklahoma City-style guerilla war against innocent people— including the police. Nor ... read more ››

Standoff at Gustafsen Lake

At press time, the situation at Gustafsen Lake was still tense. The Defenders of the Shuswap Nation remained surrounded by heavily armed RCMP officers and bloodshed at times seemed imminent. Percy Roseget, a Shuswap hereditary Chief, has a cabin at Gustafsen Lake and has hosted sundance ceremonies there for many years. A U.S. ... read more ››

Traditional Food and Care of Children

The following is part of a series of recordings that have been aired on the liskwaau Kischihuun program on the Chisasibi Radio Station. We would like to thank the Chisasibi Radio Station for their cooperation. Transcribed and translated by Brian Webb. As told by Maria Scipio. There is happiness when ... read more ››

Transvestite seen in Mistissini

It was a game few people who attended or played would forget. A local baseball game in Mistissini. It was the Band Council against the Cree School Board. The rules were simple: mixed teams and the batting order had to be male and female alternating at the plate. Chief William ... read more ››