It was a game few people who attended or played would forget. A local baseball game in Mistissini. It was the Band Council against the Cree School Board. The rules were simple: mixed teams and the batting order had to be male and female alternating at the plate. Chief William Mianscum and Chairman Luke MacLeod were on hand as players to lead their teams.

At the end of the first inning the Band was ahead 2-0. Then the CSB unleashed its secret weapon and the game went downhill for the Band after that. The final score was 24-18 for the Cree School Board. The most outstanding player was the CSB’s ugly army-helmeted blond-wigged bimbo transvestite with the long dress.

Boy, could (s)he run and bat. (S)he distracted many a Band player with a blown kiss and occasional flip-up of her skirt. Fortunately the Band noticed something was up and insisted the transvestite be counted as a man in the batting order. This allowed them to make a partial comeback.