Volume 2, Issue 7

Budget squeezes housing, economic projects, salaries, friendship centres

The latest Liberal budget has left First Nations annoyed and concerned. The Indian Affairs budget has been set at $5.3 billion for next year, up six per cent from last year. It will go up another three per cent the year after next Indian Affairs was the only department which wasn’t ... read more ››

Debate on hearings delays mill

Domtar, Quebec and the federal government are of one mind—there shouldn’t be any impact hearings into the Waswanipi sawmill. But if Waswanipi has anything to say about it, those hearings will take place anyway. “They certainly don’t like it. They have no choice but to accept that position,” says Romeo Saganash, ... read more ››


Talks are underway between the Nishnawbe-Aski Nation and federal government about the idea of dismantling of Indian Affairs in the NAN territory. An offer was made by Indian Affairs Minister Ron Irwin in December for NAN to look at the recent dismantling agreement between Manitoba Chiefs and the federal government. “We want ... read more ››

Don’t divert Moisie, HQ told

The SM-3 power project would be cheaper and cause less damage to the environment if Hydro-Quebec didn’t divert water from one of the best salmon rivers in North America, says a study done for the utility. Hydro-Quebec’s current plan is to divert two tributaries of the Moisie River into the Ste-Marguerite ... read more ››

Fire in Whapmagoostui

On the morning of Thursday, February 23, 1995, around 2:00 a.m. a house in the Cree community of Whapmagoostui caught fire. The house belonged to Isaac Masty who was away at a meeting at the time in Val d’Or. In the fire perished his father Joseph Masty Sr., his sister ... read more ››

Land deal for MF: 70 more acres

After 10 years of talks with Ottawa, the Moose Factory First Nation will be expanding its reserve boundaries by over 70 acres when the federal government transfers Crown land on the island to the band in June. “It’s a first step in realizing the band’s hope for a greater role in ... read more ››

Low-level flights to double

The Innu are angry that a federal environmental review committee has recommended a doubling of the number of low-level military flights over their lands to 41 per day. “Recommending an increase in the number of flights while recognizing that little information is available about the impacts is completely irresponsible,” said Innu ... read more ››

Michael Trapper Gathering

An emotional and successful gathering was recently held in Moose Factory to commemorate a local hockey player who died three years ago. The Michael Trapper Gathering, in its second year, was a four-day event that involved hundreds of people. It included a hockey tournament, a curling event and step-dancing competition. The gathering, ... read more ››

On the banks of Dore Lake lived our people

Under a collection of dirty tents and home-made cabins Jimmy at that time was regarded as Chief Everyday and every night I heard the cry of the people under bedclothes, boxes and children jammed inside their tents Our people have waited a long, long time for a new home. Under the ... read more ››

Peawanuck fire claims two lives

A fatal house fire in Peawanuck has claimed the lives of two children. The fire occurred at about 1:20 a.m. on March 6 at the residence of Sam and Gloria Hunter, according to a police report Sam Hunter is the Chief of Peawanuck. The two children who died in the fire are ... read more ››

Power to you native youth!

Freedom is the ability to successfully control your own learning and actions. Freedom skills are very necessary for independence, whether we are talking about nations or individuals. Independence from what, you might ask. Independence from alcohol and drugs is a good example. Dependence on the use of alcohol and drugs is ... read more ››

Race results

Day 1 1st place, Mistissini and Barraute (Natagan River) 2nd place, Val d’Or (Sinto Racing) and Amos (Marcel Masse) 3rd place, Chisasibi (Skyhawks) 4th place, Team Chisasibi 5th place, Lebel-sur-Quevillon (Equipe 2000) 6th place, Chibougamau 7th place, St. Felicien (Nissan Aly Midas) 8th place, Waswanipi 9th place, Jonquiere (Coup de Foudre) 10th place, Rouyn (L. Gagne CJMM) ... read more ››

Respect for Nature: Greatest respect was shown for nature (wildlife) because to us, Cree people, life depended on them (animals).

Greatest respect was shown for nature (wildlife) because to us, Cree people, life depended on them (animals). Non-Natives do not understand the strong attachment we Cree people have for our traditional lands. Through evolution and time, we conquered, to live as hunters and gatherers. Our concern is to remain as ... read more ››

Respect Treaty #9, feds told

In 10 years, Treaty #9 will be 100 years old. And now is the time to implement the promises of that treaty, says Rosanne Archibald, chair of the Mushkegowuk Council. The Mushkegowuk Council is set to establish a research unit to get a treaty package together that will be used to ... read more ››

Rights too costly, says “appalling” Indian Affairs document

Federal bureaucrats are trying to water down the UN Declaration on Social Development because they’re worried it gives First Nations and minorities too many rights in Canada. A fax originating from Indians Affairs was mistakenly sent to a Native organization in Ottawa which contains notes from a teleconference between top federal ... read more ››

Teachers’ lawsuit thrown out

Mistissini teacher Charles Bourassa is a happy man after a $30,000 defamation suit filed against him by two fellow teachers was thrown out of court. Bourassa was sued by teachers Robert Briand and Michel Tremblay after he accused them of racist behaviour in a 1992 letter. In a letter sent to ... read more ››

The Few the proud the brave and the fast

It was a tough, gruelling five-day race covering 1,750 kilometers. Each team was composed of three skidoos and a sleigh. The cost to enter was $5,400 except for the Mistissini and Waswanipi team which got a deduction of $1,000 each compliments of The Nation. When the snow settled at the end ... read more ››

Trappers’ subsidy a success

A pilot project that assists trappers with extra money to go trapping has been very successful and will hopefully be used throughout the NAN region. “The program was very successful. We got a lot of people interested to go out (to their traplines),” said John Turner of Moose Factory, who initiated the ... read more ››