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Everyone thought the Crees were meeting in Waskaganish only to discuss the dimishing goose population but Grand Chief Coon Come had a surprise for the delegates that no one expected. On hand was a special representive from the other James Bay First Nation—the people commonly called Bigfoots/Sasquatches. No only was this ... read more ››

Crees Unite on Development

Ouje-Bougoumou Elder Jimmy Mianscum remembers a time when fish, game and animals were abundant on his hunting ground and the environment was undisturbed. Today, most of his traditional territory is clearcut, roads and transmission lines zigzag across his land. Gold and copper mines were developed and abandoned, his lakes and ... read more ››


The feds are cranking up the pressure on Crees to cut back on the goose hunt. The Canada Wildlife Service went on a tour of the Cree communities in January to meet with hunters to discuss an apparent decline in goose numbers. Wildlife authorities have already imposed a ban on all recreational ... read more ››

Goose Hunt 1995

(additional reporting by Paul Rickard) The results are in. It wasn’t a good hunt for many. An early spring ruined many people’s hunt this year and in some places thegeese are still arriving. People in the south are reporting 1,000’s of geese feeding in the fields. Other people are saying the flying ... read more ››