ARTICLES BY Solomon Awashish

“Goodbye, Mavis – We Love You”

Mavis Verronneau, the Cree Health Board’s loving diabetes coordinator, passed away from illness on Saturday, February 19 at St. Mary’s Hospital in Montreal. She was diagnosed with cancer last August. Mavis, a diabetes educator and nurse, had dedicated her life to helping people with diabetes. In her earlier years, she started ... read more ››

Eastmain Launches Diabetes Screening

The people of Eastmain made Iyiyuu history on Nov. 19 by being the first Cree community to be fully screened for diabetes in Iyiyuuschii. All community members over age 10 will have the choice of being tested. The Diabetes Special Screening Project is a collaboration of the Cree Nation of Eastmain ... read more ››

Bouchard tries to bridge unity gap

Quebec Premier Lucien Bouchard reached out to Quebec’s English-speaking community in a speech on March 11, inviting them to engage in a dialogue with his Parti Québécois government. Speaking to about 400 handpicked anglophone guests at Montreal’s Centaur Theatre, the premier called for an end to the bitterness left after the ... read more ››

Crees Unite on Development

Ouje-Bougoumou Elder Jimmy Mianscum remembers a time when fish, game and animals were abundant on his hunting ground and the environment was undisturbed. Today, most of his traditional territory is clearcut, roads and transmission lines zigzag across his land. Gold and copper mines were developed and abandoned, his lakes and ... read more ››