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Golf Tournaments

With temperatures on the rise and fairways greening up, golfers across Eeyou Istchee are hitting the links once again. The following is a list of Cree golf tournaments and benefits that may be coming soon to your local course. With some tournament dates yet to be announced, the list is sure ... read more ››

The Cree experience with forestry: A short history

By Paul Dixon I am the son of the late Isaac Dixon, one the greatest hunters who ever lived. My father and grandfather taught me everything there is to know about the Cree world, what it means to our being. Both were born in the wilderness and grew up there before ... read more ››

A Mohawk-led tour explores the traditional uses of plants

Darrell Thompson and Éric Richard in front of commemorative white pine planted There aren’t many people – especially people from Eeyou Istchee – who think of Montreal as a place where nature flourishes. Even Parc Mont-Royal, known to locals as “the Mountain,” is less of a natural place than a carefully ... read more ››

Disputes growing in the forest, warns Matthew Coon Come

The Cree are facing a new battle in the forests, according to the Grand Chief of the Crees. Speaking at the conference on forestry in Val d’Or May 28, Matthew Coon Come made it clear that disrespect for hard-won achievements in forestry in recent years is leading to new disputes that ... read more ››

Governments meet to devise solutions for Val-d’Or’s homeless

The Val-d’Or Native Friendship Centre along with other stakeholders in the city’s homelessness issue met with representatives from three levels of government – federal, provincial and municipal – on May 26 to discuss various city proposals for its most vulnerable citizens. It was also an opportunity for those working on ... read more ››