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Comiccon 2014 brings out the super, the scary and the sexy

It’s about the only place on earth where you can see hundreds of Batmans, Captain Americas, Starfleet Officers, Supermans, Princess Elsas, Princess Leias, Princess Zeldas, warriors from every genre of fiction and the Ghostbusters’ Ectomobile all in one room. For fans of comic books, science fiction and fantasy, cosplay (playing ... read more ››

Of skins and feathers and fur: 3 Native designers tell their stories

Whether their collections are being perfected for a fashion week runway show in New York City or being tailored to the needs of Cree women in James Bay, Canada’s Native design scene is more prolific than ever. While traditional garb like mukluks, moccasins and hide garments are staples, during the last ... read more ››

Wemindji hosts a weekend of healing

Left to right: Mervin Cheechoo, Abraham Bearskin, Carol Anne Cheechoo, Roger Orr,Wendy Hill, Matthew Mukash, Pat Blacksmith, Thomas Coon, Linda Shecapio, JaysonCaldera. Front row: Louisa Cookie Brown and Betty Albert “The fire of the teepee, with the spruce boughs – oh, it was just beautiful! The smell of it! So close ... read more ››

Cree School Board grad rates down

A summary page from the Cree School Board’s most recent Annual Report The Cree School Board’s (CSB) latest Annual Report reveals that student success significantly declined across the Cree Nation during the 2012-2013 school year. The CSB has struggled over the last decade to increase graduation rates, particularly among those working towards ... read more ››

Investigating cases of missing and murdered women in Quebec

When people hear the phrase “missing and murdered Native women,” too often they think of British Columbia’s Highway of Tears and the horrors of Robert Pickton. But a new initiative by the Quebec Native Women’s Association (QNWA) hopes to change that by surveying Aboriginal communities about women who have disappeared ... read more ››

CSB Summer Literacy Camps grow in second year

The Cree School Board Summer Literacy Camp program really hit its stride this year with results topping last summer’s encouraging participation numbers. The camps, which were held in all nine communities, topped last year’s by bringing in a total of 464 campers, an increase of 50. Each child read an average ... read more ››