Category: 2014 07 04

Wemindji youth ready to rock Nicaragua

The dream is finally becoming a reality for the students and teachers of Wemindji Rocks Nicaragua. After months of planning, hard work and tireless fundraising, the team of 15 ambitious youth from Wemindji have reached their goal. The students and five chaperones will leave Wemindji July 6, starting their 26-hour journey ... read more ››

Election coming to Mistissini: Candidates, Voting hours

Band council elections in Mistissini will be held on Tuesday, July 15 (8:00 am to 8:00 pm), at the Emmet H. Macleod Conference room in the Issac Shecapio Sr. Administration Building. Advance polls are scheduled for July 8 and 9 (8:00 am to 8:00 pm) at the same location. Travel polls will ... read more ››

Life is like a…

Long ago, before Facebook and email, before television and radio, before we knew what a university was or an outside place to get schooled without being taken away by force or trickery, there was the hands-on training method. This was called the old school way of learning. If you didn’t listen ... read more ››

Homage to Stan Louttit

It was a very cold day and we were struggling along in our little red car through near-blizzard conditions on our way to Thunder Bay. My cousin Ron, my friend Mike and I were accustomed to dealing with slippery, remote roads like Highway 101 west of Timmins. As we drove, ... read more ››

Cree perseverance

The decision by Strateco Resources to tear down its uranium-development camp in the Otish Mountains north of Mistissini is something that all Crees can celebrate. From the grassroots to the band council to the Grand Council, people came together to speak with one voice: we will never accept uranium mining ... read more ››