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Who's Hu?

When he thought he was getting a bargain deal, my dad would say it was cheap at twice the price. It’s a saying that could apply to the price of labour in China, which is embarrassingly cheap, even when a worker manages to double his salary. That’s what happened after a ... read more ››

Arctic radar chain delayed by consultations

The Harper government has had to put the bidding process on hold for those looking to operate and maintain the early-warning radar chain in the Arctic as Aboriginal groups have imposed their rights to consultations. This early-warning radar system guards against unsolicited foreign entry into Canadian and US airspace in the ... read more ››

Inuit leader praises feds' defence of seal hunt

Hollywood sexpot Pamela Anderson may have called the seal hunt “an embarrassment to Canada,” but Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami President Mary Simon is proud of the federal government’s efforts to maintain the trade of seal products with China. On January 12, Ottawa and respective provincial and territorial government leaders inked a trade ... read more ››

A lesson from Cuba

I recently came back from a vacation to Cuba. In the three weeks that I was gone, I managed to lose about five pounds. It was relatively easy to lose that weight. Since Cuba is not a wealthy country, food is not as abundant as we see in North America. ... read more ››

In loving memory of Grandfather John Petagumskum Sr.

Grandfather John passed on at the age of 90 on January 5, 2011. He lived a long life as a hunter, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, and great-great-grandfather. In his political life, he was a former Chief and an expert advisor on numerous councils, committees and organizations. He was born on February 26, ... read more ››

Cree as in creativity

Lately, the school blackboards in Eeyou Istchee have been used for more than grinding white chalk or lettering from left to right. Large colourful drawings of taiga animals have been appearing before Cree children – this as a result of their own action and participation in an art integration project ... read more ››

Finding the right support

Every year a new group of high school students have to ask themselves the important question as to whether or not they will pursue higher education. For most, the question is simple to answer seeing as it is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve success in adulthood with only a high ... read more ››

Back to Class!

It’s impossible to teach an old dog new tricks but never too late in life for someone to learn something new. So, whether you have thought about going back to school to train for a new career, finish a degree or diploma that you let slide in the past, learn a ... read more ››

Searching for the truth

Four major announcements were made by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada (TRC) on January 13: 1) a new office will open in Yellowknife; 2) there will be a series of hearings in the far north prior to a national event in Inuvik; 3) the creation of a National ... read more ››

What Bill C-3 means for Crees

Bill C-3 finally received Royal Assent on December 15, opening the door for many Natives to gain the official Indian status that they were previously denied. The remaining hurdle before the bill comes into effect is a proclamation by an Order in Council, but this is anticipated within the coming ... read more ››

Intolerable me

Years ago, I used to be intolerant of certain types of people. I always thought that whatever was strange or different should be frowned upon because it upset the delicate balance of tradition. For most times, it was just gut feelings, or so I thought. But actually it was tradition ... read more ››

Beads of sweat

I’m a summer sweater. You wouldn’t believe how much I sweat on a sweltering summer’s day. Disgusting. No woman wants to snuggle with me, I sweat so much. Which is why I prefer the shade and the leisurely amble to the driven gait, all the while breathing deeply, slowly, Jedi-like. ... read more ››

Heading in a New Direction

As a new year is often a traditional time to blaze a new trail in one’s life, and choosing a course of study is a great way to start. Whether you are looking to take a quick career course to get back out on the job market in a new trade ... read more ››

500 Issues of the Nation500 Issues of the Nation

How did we ever get here? According to traditional business models, we did everything wrong. Our first issues were sent to the communities we wanted to serve with a few prayers and a lot of hope that they would actually arrive. One community member questioned whether we would be able ... read more ››