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The Grand Prix du Tourisme Québécois Desjardins 2010

The Grand Prix du Tourisme Québécois Desjardins 2010 regional gala took place in Ouje-Bougoumou, Quebec last week with more than a 100 people present. Many people were eager to see who would be going to the national gala to promote the James Bay tourism region. The food itself was delicious, ... read more ››

Gone but not forgotten

Robert James Weistche, former chief of Waskaganish, suffered a heart attack while cross-country skiing, and died on March 11; he was 55. Weistche was known as a “gentle radical”. Growing up, he was influenced by the American Indian Movement (AIM), an organization that stood up and fought for Native rights. ... read more ››

Vancouver’s fortress of solitude

Many media commentators and barstool wags have made clever Spinal Tap references to describe the cringe-inducing Winter Olympic torch-lighting ceremony at Vancouver’s BC Place Stadium. That movie’s hilarious Stonehenge fail certainly resonated during the painful moment of collective embarrassment when one of the four columns failed to rise. Poor Katrina Le ... read more ››

An Ethnical Seal Harvest

The Nunavut government gave its seal of approval to the Universal Declaration on the Ethical Harvest of Seals. The Declaration is to create common ethical principles for all seal-hunting peoples based on three responsibilities: animal welfare, the well being of human communities and the protection of species and ecosystems. “I am delighted ... read more ››


President Raymond Menarick opened the James Bay Cree Communications Society AGA in Chisasibi on February 7. Community radio and the Cree regional radio have come a long way. No longer is the JBCCS plagued by having to live from week to week on just government funding. Community radio stations, on the ... read more ››

Business as usual for Jack Blacksmith

In a hotly contested election in Waswanipi for representatives for the Board of Compensation and CREECO, Jack Blacksmith held on to his seat. Had he lost, the chairmanship of the Board of Compensation and presidency of CREECO would have been up for grabs. Nemaska Chief Josie Jimikin congratulated Blacksmith on his ... read more ››

Feeling Like A NEWB

The Cree that younger people speak today is different from the old style of Cree used by our Elders. Much of this has to do with the fact that our people have been drifting away from the traditions and culture of the Muskego people for the past 100 years or ... read more ››

A New Era in Health

If the recent H1N1 pandemic posed a challenge for Quebec health authorities, it was a double challenge for the Cree Board of Health and Social Services (CBHSS), which faces shortages of staff and facilities in most of the James Bay Cree’s far-flung communities. Quebec was recently recognized as having the highest ... read more ››

Opportunities Galore

While the main business sectors of Canada are striving to recover from the recent market downturn, those in the North are not only growing, but are aiming to make their presence felt in the South. They managed to achieve this through two successful Northern Lights Trade Shows and Conferences – the ... read more ››

Marching for the Missing and Murdered

Braving frigid temperatures and forgoing romantic afternoons with their sweethearts, over 200 people gathered on Valentine’s Day to take part in the 19th Annual Woman’s Memorial March. The purpose of the event was to bring together Canadians of all backgrounds to show a united commitment and to support women who experience ... read more ››

What’s “Tough on Crime” Mean?

Prime Minister Stephen Harper ushered in five new senators at the end of January to help solidify his tough-on-crime policy, but tough on crime might just mean being tougher on some of Canada’s most marginalized people. For the Native Women’s Association of Canada’s Sisters in Spirit (SIS) initiative, the new appointments ... read more ››

Cree Power

February 10 became a historic day for the Nation of Eeyou Istchee as five community Chiefs handed over their cheques and inked the deal with Eeyou Power, the newly formed Cree energy company. Chiefs from Eastmain, Nemaska, Oujé-Bougoumou, Waskaganish and Waswanipi took part in a formal signing of the documents to ... read more ››

This Is Our Land

The Council Board held a special meeting in Mistissini on February 9 to address growing concerns throughout out the Cree communities that stem from the creation of Bill 40. This piece of legislation was created in 2001 after the signing of the Paix des Braves and handed control over Category II ... read more ››

Creeepy Cccanaada…

When I was young, it was always a thrill listening to scary stories before going to bed, or around the campfire, or amongst friends over a strong cup of coffee. Certain stories really made my hair stand straight up and sent shivers down my spine, especially the “true” ones. But ... read more ››

Kahnawake Evictions

Society as a whole is made up of different people from varied backgrounds, each with many valuable things to offer their communities. Kahnawake is certainly no different. The issue of non-Natives in Kahnawake is being debated fiercely on the Internet, on the street and in local coffee shops, and many vocal ... read more ››