In a hotly contested election in Waswanipi for representatives for the Board of Compensation and CREECO, Jack Blacksmith held on to his seat. Had he lost, the chairmanship of the Board of Compensation and presidency of CREECO would have been up for grabs.

Nemaska Chief Josie Jimikin congratulated Blacksmith on his win after the Eeyou Power partnership deal (see page 7). Jimikin told the Nation he is glad there is someone like Blacksmith in charge of things. “He has the experience and knowledge of how things work. He is a great businessman with many friends and contacts in the business world – not just in the Cree territory, but also across Canada. I have faith in his abilities and in his spirit,” said Jimikin.

Blacksmith was happy and said business will continue as usual and business was good for the Cree company. “The Crees are just hitting their stride. We can all look at more opportunities opening up for Cree businesses. CREECO is ready and willing to handle the challenges of these opportunities for the benefit of the Cree as a whole,” he said.

Blacksmith thanks the people of Waswanipi for expressing their continued faith and confidence in him by electing him for another term.