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Reservation revelations

I happened to venture into the heart of la terre québécoise, in the beautiful Lac Saint-Jean area of Innu country, to attend a meeting of other significant people like me, where I noticed something unusual about the reserve of Mashteuiatsh. It was beautiful village with nary a speck of garbage ... read more ››

Remembering Albert

It was with a great sense of loss when I heard of Albert Diamond passing on. Albert was more than just a wonderful person; he was always so kind and considerate to all that we always welcomed seeing him at every opportunity. His passing will not only leave a void in ... read more ››

The high price of volunteerism

My wife didn’t quite know what she was getting into when she accepted a request a few years ago to join the board of directors at the public daycare centre our children attend. By law, the board must have a majority of parents as members, and Heidi, my babies’ mama, ... read more ››

Shooter apprehended in Nemaska

According to Freddie Wapachee, Deputy Director of the Nemaska Police Force, on September 15, at 11:22 am, the police received a call from a local resident indicating that shots had been fired within the community. Police responded immediately to track the 17-year-old who has now been charged in the incident. Apparently ... read more ››

Goose thief caught in Chisasibi

In early September, Chisasibi police received multiple complaints for reported break-ins and thefts of frozen geese from the freezers in residents’ homes. According to Chisasibi Police Director Samuel House, Barry Bearskin Sr. was arrested carrying a hunter’s packsack containing several frozen geese. Bearskin was known to police who were aware that ... read more ››

Update on Moses drug charges

Both Laura Moses, 51, and her daughter, Kim Moses, 23, have been formally charged with multiple charges of drug trafficking as a result of their arrest last spring. Both mother and daughter are set to appear in court in Chisasibi on September 24. The women are being charged with possession for ... read more ››

Up on the roof

I am mostly involved with communications and writing these days and that means a lot of office work and time on the computer. Yet, from time to time I take on a construction project around the house and that works out as sort of a holiday for me. I enjoy working ... read more ››

100 years later

A revived tradition in Quebec’s far north is filling the region’s community freezers and linking its people to a part of their past. In August, Nunavik hunters brought in a 56-foot (17-metre) bowhead whale along the Hudson Straight coast – the second in what hopes to be an annual sustenance hunt ... read more ››

Dishing up justice

It’s been a busy year for the Justice Department of the Cree Nation. Between the ground breakings for the new justice facilities to the adoption of innovative new programs, the Justice Department has been working hard at making Eeyou Istchee safer for everyone. The newly created Department of Justice has been ... read more ››

Successful development

While the recent economic doom and gloom has meant a down season for tourism around the world, for the Cree Outfitting and Tourism Association (COTA), it’s been an outstanding year. Having presented their annual report at the Annual General Assembly at the end of August, the association is feeling as though ... read more ››

Albert Diamond in Memoriam

The Cree Nation has been left in a state of shock and sadness with the sudden death of Albert Diamond, 58, who passed away on Wednesday, September 9. He was laid to rest in his home community of Waskaganish on the following Tuesday, September 15. Always a family man who loved ... read more ››

Gold mining opposition

The Quebec cabinet gave the Osisko Mining Corp. the go-ahead in August to begin production in Malartic on what will be Canada’s largest open-pit goldmine in history. The only problem is that the project will be happening on traditional lands owned by the Algonquin Nation and they have never given ... read more ››

Infringing on tradition

While the rest of the province is celebrating the new powers that Bill 57 will grant the Quebec government over forestry, what it could take away from First Nations groups is being swept under the carpet. Nathalie Normandeau, Quebec’s deputy premier and recently-appointed minister in charge of natural resources, has told ... read more ››