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Russian Roulette on winter roads

It is dark outside and after driving for eight hours I am on the last stretch before arriving home. My wipers streak back and forth across my windshield to keep the wet, snowy sleet from obscuring my view. Every time I meet a transport, the road disappears for a fraction ... read more ››


By M-Four International There has been a vast increase in blue-collar workers, managers and professionals who have been squeezed out of big corporations, struggling to compete in one of the worst global fiascoes since the Great Depression of the early 1930s. Getting laid off by your company during peak earning years is ... read more ››

Justice gains ground at Barriere Lake

Though the holiday season might have been a dark time for the Algonquin community of Barriere Lake, the community finally has something to celebrate: the right to choose their own leadership. On January 6, Federal Court Judge Russel Zinn struck down a ruling to judicially review Indian and Northern Affairs Minister ... read more ››

The Plan du Nord: possibilities and pitfalls

Like his Liberal predecessor, Robert Bourassa, Charest clearly hoped to use a vision of northern riches to his political advantage in the election only he knew he would call later that fall. Thus, very little was said until the election was called a month and a half later. On November 15 ... read more ››

Remembering André Luc Morin

Nothing was impossible for him as we can see in our village. One day he mentioned he was going to get a big gym for the village. He approached both councils and the government and we had our gym. His next project was the swimming pool and also was a ... read more ››

More Honors for Makivik President

It isn’t just that he was already one of Reader’s Digest’s 2007 Heroes of the Year or that he has been a prominent leader for Nunavik for over a decade, Makavik Corporation president, Pita Aatami has just been elected as a member of the College of Fellows of the Arctic ... read more ››

Couching it

First, I tuned to the weather network and cackled watching the tons of snow heaping down on the south along with freezing temperatures in the minus-30s, then the rains that washed out the remnants of winter, then watch the weather repeat itself in another section of the continent. Meanwhile, the local ... read more ››

Cree School Board Correction

Blackned said he responded to the Elders council within five days of their original October 22 letter and they have been waiting for a response from the Elders as to how to proceed in booking a meeting to discuss the curriculum. Blackned contacted the Nation in response to the interview ... read more ››

Feds consider replacing bursaries with loans for Aboriginal students

INAC spokesperson Patricia Valladao confirmed that the federal government is considering converting the present bursaries available to First Nations students into repayable loans. Valladao would not confirm whether INAC has transferred control of the $314 million in student grants for First Nations university and college students to the provincially administered Canada ... read more ››

Call for artists in Chibougamau

The CICC is looking specifically for musicians and painters to take part in an “inspirational feedback show” that will feature musicians playing music with anti-racial themes in mind. The CICC is also looking for painters to do live paintings during the event. The paintings will then be auctioned off as ... read more ››

Mistissini boy dies in tragic accident

According to the Surete du Quebec, the boy had been sliding outside with his friends when his sled simply went too far and wound up in the street. The SQ stated that alcohol and speed were not factors in the accident. The driver, a woman, is not being charged in ... read more ››

Another stellar year for Wreath of Hope

Donations from community members, Cree entities and from various charity fundraisers totaled $32,400 to help fill their annual holiday food baskets and to help families throughout the year. Meechum also managed to collect between 200 and 250 Christmas gifts for needy children within the community with the annual Angel tree gift ... read more ››