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Do the souls of the hundreds who lay long buried beneath the Plains of Abraham toss and turn in an unquenched quest for nationhood? It’s doubtful. Nationhood was the exact opposite of the competing cries upon that battleground almost 250 years ago. Rather, it was the glory of imperial France ... read more ››

Shopping: the new reality

I’ve been traveling quite often to the south lately. Each and every trip, I go to some mall, looking for that good deal. In every mall or Walmart, I’ve bumped into hundreds of Cree, roaming and searching for the things we can’t get back home for the Christmas Season. I’ve tried ... read more ››

Fried day in Waskaganish – New transformers cause power surge; appliances are toasted

For one hapless electrical engineer, it’s a classic case of “oops.”“They blew out six houses, all the appliances, everything,” said irate Waskaganish resident Bob Black. Black is upset at Waska Resources, the company contracted to change the old transformers in the community. But he’s even more upset at the guys who ... read more ››

NYC Native film fest features Cree and Mohawk flicks

Cree Films like Charlie Makes a Drum and The Winter Chill raised the profile of both sides of James Bay recently as the 13th Native American Film and Video Festival wrapped up in New York City. Rezolution Pictures International was well represented with two films, Mohawk Girls and the aforementioned Charlie ... read more ››

New Whapmagoostui Youth Chief says past is behind him

Whapmagoostui’s band council found itself in an awkward position recently as a 23-year-old youth with a shady past was elected as their Youth Chief. Charlie Dick won the November 24 election by two votes, 26-24, over runner-up Jessica George. Seventy youth participated in the vote. A call to the Returning Officer, Victoria ... read more ››

The Matthew Mukash Interview

The Grand Chief picks up his fiddle and plays tunes on the Rupert River, power plays in James Bay and working with Hydro QuebecIt has been a little over a year since Matthew Mukash was elected Grand Chief of the Eastern James Bay Crees. The Nation caught up with him ... read more ››

Ka’wahse Street Patrol – helping those in need – Provide food, blankets and a compassionate ear to Montreal homeless

The big white truck made stops at various set locations in temperatures that hovered around -17 C, checking on homeless people off the beaten path. Our first stop in the nine-passenger van with the Ka’wahse Street Patrol was the park in front of the Montreal Children’s Hospital, otherwise known as Inuit ... read more ››

Your Holiday Schedule!

For many, the best part about the holidays is how everyone comes together in celebration and takes time to focus on the simple joy and happiness derived from reconnecting with family and friends, old and new. The communities themselves also have a great deal of goings on from parades to feasts ... read more ››

Autumn Movie Lineup – November

Apocalypto – Mel Gibson made the news not too long ago for his anti-Semitic comments to a pair of California police officers. Apocalypto will bring him more international attention, but for a much different reason. The movie portrays the Mayan world, at a time in history when many believe the ... read more ››

Slow runner: Film that looks at Inuit cultural change 100 years ago is revealing but, well, glacial

The Journals of Knud Rasmussen is a unique look, through Inuit Director Zacharias Kunuk’s eyes, of the virtual end of Inuit spirituality based on the ancient ways of the Shaman. Created along with co-director Norman Cohn, Journals opened the Native American film Festival at the Smithsonian institute in New York City ... read more ››

White meat? or dark? – Cooking for the holidays is a complicated chore for Cree families with diabetic members

Here’s some help: While the rest of the world crams just about every single fatty, greasy, rich, sugar-laden, indulgent morsel of holiday food down their throats as though it were their last meal, those with diabetes or other dietary restrictions due to obesity can sometimes feel left out. There is no ... read more ››

Easy does it on the slippery road

I took a short drive through town the other day to pick up a few groceries. I went to put the brakes on but to my surprise, my truck did not respond. Being a northerner, I quickly realized I was slowly gliding along on a sheet of ice. My mind ... read more ››