For the past 10 years the Mistissini Police have hosted an Annual Fishing Derby for the community of Mistissini and visitors. There are prizes to be won and stories to be told but the main focus is children and their well-being. Each year there is an organization or event selected as the beneficiary of the event.

The 10th Annual Police Fishing Derby has graciously decided to give all the proceeds from this year’s event to the Children’s Football Camp.

A few years ago our community was blessed with the arrival of Mr. Gord Hudson. A former pro athlete, Mr. Hudson, known to all as “Gordie” or that big football guy, saw the potential of our children and youth to be part of something and approached some people with the idea of bringing a pro team to Mistissini. The purpose would be not only to assist the Youth in sport but also in life as well teaching teamwork, lessons on drugs and alcohol and staying in school.

In 2004 and 2005 the Ottawa Renegades’ coach and Gordie’s former teammate, Joe PaoPao, came to Mistissini. This year, with the folding of the Renegades, Gordie refused to cancel and with his perseverance and charm of course (maybe even a bit of size) brought the Montreal Alouettes and their coach Don Matthews here, continuing this great annual event.

Thank you Gordie and the Mistissini police officers for your continued care and support of our youth!

Mistissini Police would like to present you the official results of the 10th Annual Fishing Derby held August 18-20. This event was a great success due to the overwhelming number of participants – 661 people total. As well, there was $50,000 in prizes to be won including the raffle for the 16’ Princecraft with 75 hp motor. Thank you over and over to the sponsors and businesses that donated to this great event

This year, we are pleased to announce that a donation has been made to the Children’s Football Camp in the amount of $14,400 from registrations and the boat draw proceeds.



1st 26.5 Lbs (RECORD) Kenny Gunner

2nd 22.0 Lbs Samuel Mianscum

3rd 20.1 Lbs Nigel Gunner


1st 4.7 Lbs Norman Neeposh

2nd 4.6 Lbs Tony Petawabano

3rd 4.5 Lbs Andy Iserhoff (Tammy)


1st 6.2 Lbs (RECORD) Alexandre Brien

2nd 4.6 Lbs Luc Pichete

3rd 4.5 Lbs Darren Loon


1st 6.4 Lbs J. Neeposh

2nd 5.7 Lbs Liam Quinn

3rd 5.4 Lbs C. Neeposh


38.4 Lbs (RECORD) Kenny Gunner

PIKE: 26.5 Lbs

WALLEYE: 3.5 Lbs


SPEC. TROUT: 3.1 Lbs

Being a special year, the 10th anniversary, in addition to the Annual Champions Trophy Kenny Gunner also won a 19-foot canoe.


In addition to the prize for the combined weight, there was a special prize raffle for a boat, motor and trailer. There were 30 names entered into a blind elimination.

The winner of the Boat Raffle was Mr. Darryl Gunner.

Thank you to all participants and sponsors for making this the greatest derby ever.