Category: 2005-11-25

Vine Deloria Jr., 1933-2005

About five years ago, I headed south to be a part of the newly created Indigenous Program at the University of Arizona. As a part of my work there, I became the research/teaching assistant to Vine Deloria, Jr. He would come each winter to Tucson to escape the cold winters ... read more ››

Busted Flat

The old tune “Bobby McGee” floated into the cabin of the SUV early this morning and with it memories of the first time I heard the gutsy bluesy voice of Janis Joplin singing this song. Sure, I heard the old version many times, but this one was a sticker in ... read more ››

‘We haven’t been paid in three months’ Nemaska forestry workers say Ted Moses’ company giving them a run around

A crew of forestry workers from Nemaska is wondering why they haven’t been paid for three months after they helped clear brush from 10 hectares of Ted Moses’ trapline for the new EM-1 hydroelectric project. Neil Wapachee, the crew leader for 14 Nemaska “slashers,” says the workers keep getting the run ... read more ››

Cree Nation youth go on long trek to Ottawa

The Cree Nation has had a presence in Ottawa for quite some time now. The Grand Council office is located there, Cree students live in and around the area while attending school and a number of Cree youth are making the trek to see the Ottawa Renegades an annual rite ... read more ››

Cheechoo wins at U.S. Film Festival

The American Indian Film Festival celebrated 30 years this month and with the milestone came yet another award for talented Director Shirley Cheechoo. Cheechoo’s film, Johnny Tootall, took home Best Feature Film in the award ceremony in San Francisco on November 12. Hank Williams First Nation and Sleepdancer were the other nominees. Cheechoo, ... read more ››

MoCreebec wins award for Ecolodge

The Cree Village Ecolodge in Moose Factory has bragging rights for the next year. The MoCreebec business won the national Air Canada Business of the Year Award in the single unit category on October 24 from the Tourism Industry Association of Canada. “We were pleasantly surprised,” said MoCreebec Chief Randy Kapashesit. “These ... read more ››

The Nation’s dirty dozen

The Nation magazine has been around for 12 strong years. Next year we’ll be teenagers and already looking forward to when we’re considered mature young adults. We’ve come a long way as the Cree Nation’s first (and only) pan-Eeyou Istchee news mag. We have been called many things over the years but ... read more ››

American concern grows over 0-J contaminants – Senator Sununu promotes documentary to help publicize issue

The New England region of the United States was prime political territory for the Cree during the battles over Hydro-Quebec’s Great Whale hydro-electric project. So it’s no surprise people there are now heavily sympathetic over the issue of mining and heavy metal contamination around Ouje-Bougoumou. Rezolution’s documentary, Heavy Metal: A Mining ... read more ››

Diabetes profile: Alan Neacappo

Diabetes in Eeyou Istchee is at epidemic proportions. Recently the Nation had a chance to talk to Alan Neacappo and his struggle with the disease. Alan Neacappo is the Local Administrator for the Cree Hunters and Trappers Income Security Program in Chisasibi. He is 60 years old, single with no kids. “I ... read more ››

Attawapiskat, Dene sign diamond mine agreements

The community of Attawapiskat on the western James Bay coast announced the signing of an Impact Benefit Agreement with De Beers Canada for Ontario’s first diamond mine November 4. The signing of this agreement follows the community ratification of the agreement in June and recent approval of the federal and provincial ... read more ››

Em-1 reservoir flooded

The hope and prayers of environmentalists are slowly dwindling. The Em-1 reservoir north of Chibougamau is now blocking the Eastmain River. It will eventually result in the flooding of 600 square kilometres. “I don’t have any regrets,” former Grand Chief Ted Moses told a reporter at the scene. “The way of life ... read more ››

First Nations finally sharing the power

When it comes to having the power to claim, develop and benefit from natural resources, First Nation people have never really been in control of the development that happens on traditional territories. However, the way resource development is handled by private industry and government is changing. Increasingly, First Nations are ... read more ››