Category: 2005-10-28

Deadly Bureaucracy

This editorial might have been my obituary. A couple weeks ago, I nearly died from what two doctors said was the worst case of tonsillitis they’d ever seen. My throat was nearly closed. I couldn’t even swallow spit. My saliva, as a matter of fact, was keeping me awake. Anytime I ... read more ››

Destiny is Hockey

Some things never change. The other day, I heard hunting ducks was still in fashion. I’m one who believes in eating ducks unlimited, and can concoct a succulent roast duck a l’orange at the twist of the rind and Cointreau cap, turning an otherwise traditional roast duck into a tangy ... read more ››

Mukash and Iserhoff Sworn in

Everyone was milling about. The feast workers were busily setting the tables. Some young students came in with their teachers. The distinguished guests took to their designated seats and waited for the swearing in of the newly elected Grand Chief and Deputy Grand Chief. The banquet hall in Chisasibi’s community ... read more ››

One More River Nominated for Gemini

Rezolution Pictures’ compelling and controversial film documentary, One More River, has been nominated for a Gemini Award. The film will be competing for the Donald Brittain Award for the Best Social/Political Documentary Program. The Gemini Awards, which recognize the best in Canadian Television, will air November 19 on Global TV at ... read more ››

Dirty Water Threatens Kashechewan

The band council of Kashechewan Cree territory on the west coast of James Bay has urged the evacuation of the community of 1,900 after chronic contamination of the water supply reached crisis levels. “It’s not tolerable,” said Deputy Chief Rebecca Friday, after declaring an emergency evacuation October 18. “It’s not acceptable.” But ... read more ››

Psych Group Urges End of Indian Mascots

The American Psychological Association wants to eliminate the use of American Indian mascots, contending they create stereotypes and damage self-esteem. “American Indian mascots are harmful not only because they are often negative, but because they remind American Indians of the limited ways in which others see them,” Stephanie Fryberg of the ... read more ››

Beware of Ghosts, Goblins and Ghouls!

From its early Celtic beginnings to the present-day ritual of dressing up as a blood-sucking vampire or a cackling witch -all in a quest for sweet tooth-numbing candy – Halloween has come a long way. The word itself actually has its origins in the Catholic Church, according to the website ... read more ››

Memories Are Timeless

It feels good to remember things from the past during day-to-day chores or activities. Our minds seem to work in mysterious and random ways to create flashbacks and memories when we least expect them. Recently, I was working with a friend of mine on a woodworking project. Woodworking and construction is ... read more ››