ARTICLES BY Jessie Matches


Interview by Nellie Pepabano I always listen to the Elders when they tell stories and I don’t hear the Elders talk about medicine. I will talk about how I healed people who were sick. I was then alone at my home when there was a sickness. It was at that time when ... read more ››

Getting Firewood and Working on Geese

During this time, I really liked making myself work. I used to gather firewood into a pile so that I could work on food during the spring. I used to prepare the things that I would use. Many times, I woke up very early in the morning. I was trying ... read more ››

Walking Out Ceremony

We performed the walking out ceremonies for our children. Today, it seems that people do this ceremony during mid-summer. That wasn’t the way it was done. It was done during spring. That was when the children were always taken out. That was what I saw. A child was not taken ... read more ››