During this time, I really liked making myself work. I used to gather firewood into a pile so that I could work on food during the spring. I used to prepare the things that I would use. Many times, I woke up very early in the morning. I was trying to secure firewood while it was still frozen outside. I got up before the men so that I would be able to make a fire.

I was very happy when the snow was frozen solid. For someone who moves with ease, that is when she can secure a lot of firewood. So instead she will not have to work on it when it is time to work on food. She will only work on food.

That is what I used to do. We used to secure a lot of firewood when the snow was frozen solid. I was very happy to drag my little bit of firewood.

I used the Inuit style sled that was made for us. It worked very well when I dragged the firewood on the frozen snow. I put the firewood not far from our home. When the snow was gone, I used to get the firewood in bundles with a carrying strap. That was what we used to do – Harry’s mother and when I still lived with Anne.

Geese used to be killed in great quantity. Today, it is not killed. Once when Daisy was away, a lot of fowl was harvested. My fowl were in a great pile. I was saying, “My goodness.” The old lady heard me and said, “For what reason is she making that sound.” I said to her, “I’m gonna get my food rotten.” I was alone working on the food. Fortunately, I didn’t get my food to spoil.

That was when Daisy was in the hospital. A lot of fowl was harvested. It was a land of extreme quantity of fowl. Harriet wasn’t there during that time. They were at the houses because Charlie was born. We didn’t live with them at that time, when many geese were killed.

It was a land of many fowl. The fowl was flying either way. I was very happy. That was what I was most happy doing – getting firewood and working on fowl.

Today, I cannot work on anything that is a bit feathery. It really makes me suffer. Even when it is just close by, I still feel my breathing. I really don’t like it because I am unable to pluck geese.