BOC-CREECO’s first golf tournament was a swinging success

Golfers prepare to tee off The 18-hole course at Val-d’Or’s Club de Golf Belvédère came to life June 20 as the first-ever Board of Compensation and CREECO Golf Classic teed off to great success. Over 140 golfers from the Cree business world and beyond took to the course for golf, long-drive ... read more ››

Eastmain partially evacuated as forest fires rage

Over 300 people were evacuated from the community of Eastmain June 27, as forest fires that have ravaged the area for weeks spread within kilometres of the Cree community. Thick smoke permeated the air throughout town as Elders, children and those with health or respiratory issues were taken to Val-d’Or ... read more ››

New project to map urban Aboriginal mobility

 As Quebec’s Aboriginal population continues to surge, people across the province are travelling between Nations and cities in unprecedented volume. This month, the Regroupement des centres d’amitié autochtones du Quebec (RCAAQ) announced the impending release of a new study carried out over the last four years with the ODENA Research ... read more ››

Whapmagoostui man sentenced in family slaying

Peter Jr. Tooktoo receives 30 years for triple manslaughter in 2008 Whapmagoostui community members witnessed the end of a tragic chapter in their Nation’s history this month, as the final sentencing in the death of Minnie Natachequan and her two sons was delivered by Quebec Superior Court Judge François Huot on ... read more ››

Minting Aboriginal art

New $5 silver coin will feature the image of an Inuit mother and child Ulaayu Pilurtuut’s artwork has long been celebrated across Nunavik, but today the Kuujuaq-based artist has her own reason to celebrate – the immortalization of her art on the face of a newly minted collector’s $5 silver coin. The ... read more ››

Crime Stoppers gets Cree green light

Eeyou Eenou Police Director Reggie Bobbish is bringing the Crime Stoppers prevention service to Eeyou Istchee. “The program will work with the general public and police collaborating to fight crime in our communities,” said Senior Officer Jim Hester. “By refusing to close your eyes to crime, you contribute to eliminating acts ... read more ››

National support for inquiry grows

Political support for a national inquiry into the tragic scandal of missing and murdered Aboriginal women grew last month as nine provinces jointly called upon the federal government to conduct an extensive investigation into the issue. Aboriginal affairs ministers from every province and territory except British Columbia met in Winnipeg to ... read more ››

Toxic spill

Tailings pond dyke breached at Casa Berardi Mine The breach of an internal tailings dyke at Aurizon’s Casa Berardi Mine 95 km north of La Sarre May 1 spilled up to 150,000 cubic metres of contaminated water into the James Bay watershed. Aurizon says initial estimates were overstated, claiming that between 50,000 ... read more ››

An Origin(e)-al take on Aboriginal tourism

Quebec Aboriginal Tourism (QAT) has launched a new magazine aimed at developing tourism in Quebec’s First Nations and Inuit communities. The first of its kind in Canada, Origin(e) is an annual publication that will provide an in-depth look at the unique cultural and natural attractions that Aboriginal communities in Quebec have ... read more ››

Flooding leaves Attawapiskat, Kashechewan in state of emergency

Both Attawapiskat and Kashechewan First Nations declared a state of emergency April 30 after rapidly melting snow caused major sewer backups that fouled homes and other buildings. Hundreds were evacuated from Kashechewan throughout the week, as were some patients from the Attawapiskat hospital. “The spring runoff overloaded our sewer system, and so ... read more ››

Hotel project bedding down in Waswanipi

 A new hotel project that could potentially create 14 jobs and generate more tourism is on the drawing board for Waswanipi. John Kitchen, a Waswanipi resident and President of Mamu Sibi Construction Inc., is planning to open the new establishment with his wife, Erca Polson. “We’re looking at a 20-room, two-story hotel ... read more ››

Wind power plant study blows into Whapmagootsui

A study to assess the potential of a wind hybrid power-plant will be conducted in Whapmagootsui. The research is part of a national $82 million clean-energy initiative announced by the federal government May 3. The government has budgeted $700,275 to finance a Front End Engineering and Design (FEED) study to determine ... read more ››

Crees converge at the Truth & Reconciliation Commission's National Event in Montreal

The Truth & Reconciliation Commission capped off their 2013 National Event in Montreal with a concert featuring some of the province’s most talented artists, including Chisasibi’s Fort George Rockers. We spoke with TRC Commissioner Marie Wilson and The Fort George Rockers to get their take on the landmark event.