Volume 22, Issue 13

Attention Cree thespians: Go to L.A.

The American actors’ union and the group American Indians in Film and Television (AlFT) are co-sponsoring a Native talent showcase in Los Angeles Oct. 9. Pictures and Resumes will be Accepted Aug. 12-Sept. 6. CBS Television entertainment development executives and casting directors from the network’s primetime and daytime programs will also ... read more ››

Cree health services suffer almost 30 years of underfunding

Cree Health Services may soon be receiving a long-overdue financial shot in the arm. That depends, however, on the outcome of a meeting August 26 between the Cree Board of Health and Social Services of James Bay (CBHSSJB) and Quebec Health Minister Remy Trudel. CBHSSJB Chairman Bertie Wapachee has been in round-table ... read more ››

Election Round-up

There is a Hopi prophecy that says, following the turn of this century, a Nation will be a rise from the North who bear the symbol of the goose. The goose, of course, is sacred to the Cree. And in the North of Quebec, a public notice, issued July 29, has ... read more ››

Happy Mother’s Day

I don’t think there is a culture on this planet that doesn’t honour their mothers. Though the modern Mother’s Day is relatively new, hundreds of years ago both the Greeks and the Romans had festivals honouring motherhood. It is only in the past few generations that men have been part of ... read more ››

Healthier Mother’s Day treats that don’t skimp on flavour

As baking is nothing more than delicious basic chemistry, naturally it would take a mathematician to perfect recipes that significantly cut back on refined sugar while maintaining the flavour and integrity of the recipe. However, Joanne Chang has written a marvellous new dessert cookbook that squares the baking circle of ... read more ››

Two spirits converge in Alberta

The Alberta Two-Spirit community will welcome delegates to the 14th Annual Two-Spirit Gathering at a foothills location in southwestern Alberta Aug. 12-15. The gathering will take place at the Nakoda Lodge onthe Morley Indian Reservation near Calgary. Organizers promise unparalleled Two-Spirit company and humor, great scenery, information and workshops, spiritual and ... read more ››

Under The Northern Sky The urge to travel

Travelling has always been a part of my life for as far back as I can remember. As a young boy growing up in Attawapiskat along the James Bay coast, my family always thought it was natural to be able to move from our community to other areas far away ... read more ››