Volume 21, Issue 20

A large mural in Montreal commemorates Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women

Beneath the indigo twilight sky, a shawl-covered woman whose head is ringed with stars and circling hawks holds a candle in her hands, its warm light glowing up to her face. Above her, in huge letters, the words “JUSTICE for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women.” Montreal’s Missing Justice commissioned the mural, ... read more ››

Cree companies increase presence in Quebec’s first diamond mine

As Quebec’s first diamond mine gears up for operation, two Mistissini Cree companies are preparing for the roles that they will play in its labour force thanks to the priority orders laid out in the 2012 Mecheshoo Agreement. The agreement signed between the Grand Council of the Crees, the Cree Nation ... read more ››

Free-range slaughter

Recently, a young Inuk woman started plucking her gift from home, a goose, on a train in Montreal’s métro. This was recorded on a cellphone and uploaded to the Internet. It went viral for all the wrong reasons. Eventually, the young woman came forth to explain that she’s an Inuk simply ... read more ››

From Gaza to Grassy Narrows

The Harper government is finally talking about land rights. They’re even advocating the sovereignty of a people who occupied their land thousands of years ago. Unfortunately, they had to look outside the country to do so. As of press time, the conflict in Gaza has claimed over 1,360 Palestinian lives, the ... read more ››

Grassy Narrows demands apology for mercury dumping

Right to left: Judy Da Sliva – Grassy Narrows Mother of 5 & grassroots mercury justice activist, Stan Beardy – Ontario Regional Chief, Roger Fobister Sr. – Grassy Narrows Chief From 1962-1970, a paper mill upstream of the Grassy Narrows First Nation – an Ojibwa community located 80 km north of ... read more ››

Highlights from the North American Indigenous Games

It’s been six long years since the flags for the North American Indigenous Games were flying in the wind. But when they were finally run up the flagpoles once again, Quebec’s Eastern Door and the North team rose to the occasion. First Nations youth from all over the province, including a ... read more ››

Shecapio re-elected Mistissini chief

Mistissini’s controversial band council elections came to an end late last month with incumbent Richard Shecapio keeping his position as Chief, scraping by challenger Henry Mianscum in the July 24 run-off election with 52% of the vote. Another run-off election for the position of Deputy Chief ended with a new ... read more ››

Sol Awashish is on a mission to promote Miyupimaatisiiun

Sol Awashish is keeping up a tradition of a walk to promote a health message at the Annual General Assembly of the Crees. This year, the program officer at the Cree Health Board will begin walking from Chapais to Waswanipi August 2 to deliver a message about Miyupimaatisiiun, a grassroots plan ... read more ››

The annual Wabun Youth Gathering changes lives

Suicide prevention was one of the major themes covered in workshops during the eighth annual Wabun Youth Gathering heldfrom July 14 to 25 at the Eco Lodge in Elk Lake Ontario. Pictured are the Wabun Youth Senior participants who took part in the event. Jean Lemieux and Mike Archer of Wabun ... read more ››

Wabun Youth Gathering: A template for success

Suicide is a major problem in First Nations right across the country. As a First Nation person, I have been touched by suicide in the loss of friends from my community in Attawapiskat. Too many wonderful young Native people who are full of potential are taking their lives for no ... read more ››

Waswanipi elections 2014 – Dates & Candidates

Band council elections in Waswanipi will be held August 29. Travel polls are scheduled for August 14 in Amos and Washaw Sibi. They will also be available August 15 in Val-d’Or. The advance poll in Waswanipi will be held August 19. Polls will be open from 9 am to 7 pm ... read more ››

Wemindji youth help build a school in Nicaragua

The Nicaragua Crew at the top of the Masaya Volcano in Managua, Nicaragua. Chelsea Moses Blackned, Brandi Taylor, Austin Georgekish, Shauna Simpson, Mike Mark, Neebin Atsynia, Jeremy Matches, Selena Blackned, Cheryl Danyluk, Cody Mark, Tristan Dearhouse, Alyssia Georgekish, Brittany Visitor, Carmen Plank With the simple goal of helping where they can ... read more ››

Youth AGA celebrates its 25th anniversary by planning the future

From cost-cutting measures to setting priorities for the Cree Nation Youth Council, this year’s AGA was a celebration of what youth can do, according to Youth Grand Chief Joshua Iserhoff. The 25th Annual General Assembly of the Cree Nation Youth Council took place July 14 in Whapmagoostui. Iserhoff said that because ... read more ››