Volume 20, Issue 19

And the drums played on: Kahnawake’s 2013 powwow

The 23rd annual Echoes of a Proud Nation Powwow in Kahnawake went off without a hitch, bringing together individuals from around the world to celebrate life through dance, drums and Indian tacos. According to the festival organizers, nearly 7000 people attended the event despite soaring temperatures and traffic congestion that was ... read more ››

Broken cable causes election delay

Results from the first turn of the 2013 Grand Council Elections were delayed for more than 12 hours by a failure in fibreoptic communications cable north of Matagami on July 15. The failure affected all communications system in the area, including cellphone reception, internet and landline connections. In an email to ... read more ››

First turn of elections inconclusive

The first turn of the 2013 Grand Council elections ended without the naming a Grand Chief or Deputy Grand Chief. No candidate was able to secure the required absolute majority (50% + 1) needed to secure a victory. Results from the run-off election pitting Matthew Coon Come against Ashley Iserhoff ... read more ››

Mistissini student wins Cree-Naskapi Commission Award

Carrie-Lynn MacLeod, 17, is the latest winner of the 16th annual Cree-Naskapi Commission Award, which highlights highest academic achievement. MacLeod was first nominated for the award by her high school, Voyageur Memorial, located in Mistissini, where she was also valedictorian and prom queen. “I just graduated from Grade 11, I feel ... read more ››

Urban archaeology unearths relics from the past

On a hot summer day there is nothing better than going to the park with family and friends to enjoy the atmosphere. In Montreal, the newly restored Beaver Lake on Mount Royal has been drawing thousands of visitors, but standing out among the throngs of sunbathers and picnickers are picketed-off ... read more ››

We didn’t stop the fire… Why the fires near Eastmain were left to burn

On June 12, after what has been the driest summer reported in northern Quebec in over 40 years, a fire began to burn in the bush near the community of Eastmain. But, unlike any other area below the 51st parallel, this fire was just left to burn, out of control ... read more ››