Carrie-Lynn MacLeod, 17, is the latest winner of the 16th annual Cree-Naskapi Commission Award, which highlights highest academic achievement. MacLeod was first nominated for the award by her high school, Voyageur Memorial, located in Mistissini, where she was also valedictorian and prom queen.

“I just graduated from Grade 11, I feel proud of myself.” MacLeod told the Nation.

This will be MacLeod’s second time winning the award since 2010.

“The award is given by the schools in each community in recognition of an individual student with the highest academic achievement,” said Brian Shawana, Director General of the Cree-Naskapi Commission.

The award is designed to encourage continued academic excellence among students.

Each school selects a candidate, after which the Cree-Naskapi Commission prepares an official plaque, which is presented to the student by an Elder in their community.

In the end, MacLeod ended up taking home a total of five prizes, including the Cree School Board Award.