Volume 20, Issue 14

An Origin(e)-al take on Aboriginal tourism

Quebec Aboriginal Tourism (QAT) has launched a new magazine aimed at developing tourism in Quebec’s First Nations and Inuit communities. The first of its kind in Canada, Origin(e) is an annual publication that will provide an in-depth look at the unique cultural and natural attractions that Aboriginal communities in Quebec have ... read more ››

Changing with the climate

Goose Break evolves as hunters face new challenges The 2013 Goose Break got off to a good start without the early thaw that has hampered recent years. Eeyou Istchee communities have become ghost towns as most folks have left for their traditional shooting grounds. Many are contemplating extending the break to take ... read more ››

Crees converge at the Truth & Reconciliation Commission's National Event in Montreal

The Truth & Reconciliation Commission capped off their 2013 National Event in Montreal with a concert featuring some of the province’s most talented artists, including Chisasibi’s Fort George Rockers. We spoke with TRC Commissioner Marie Wilson and The Fort George Rockers to get their take on the landmark event.

Decoding native style

A unique Montreal exhibit threads the relationship of clothing to Aboriginal identity Montreal’s historic McCord Museum, which has long been devoted to the preservation of Native Peoples’ history, opened a new permanent collection May 2 that explores the relationship between Native dress and identity. Wearing Our Identities: The First Peoples Collection presents ... read more ››

End-of-life conversations

American writer Will Schwalbe discusses final days with his dying mother Death is a difficult part of life, one that we all have to go deal with. For family and friends taking care of their loved ones who are facing their last few moments of life, waking up alive every morning ... read more ››

Everything will work out in the end

I have been watching some good movies lately. One titled “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” was about a group of older English retirees who move to Jaipur, a city in India, to live in a hotel converted into a senior citizen’s home. A line from that movie – “Things will ... read more ››

Flooding leaves Attawapiskat, Kashechewan in state of emergency

Both Attawapiskat and Kashechewan First Nations declared a state of emergency April 30 after rapidly melting snow caused major sewer backups that fouled homes and other buildings. Hundreds were evacuated from Kashechewan throughout the week, as were some patients from the Attawapiskat hospital. “The spring runoff overloaded our sewer system, and so ... read more ››

Hotel project bedding down in Waswanipi

 A new hotel project that could potentially create 14 jobs and generate more tourism is on the drawing board for Waswanipi. John Kitchen, a Waswanipi resident and President of Mamu Sibi Construction Inc., is planning to open the new establishment with his wife, Erca Polson. “We’re looking at a 20-room, two-story hotel ... read more ››

Looking back in order to move forward

Romeo Saganash discusses residential school’s impact on his life and family NDP MP Romeo Saganash’s personal struggles and emotions have been very public in recent months. After being removed from a flight in October for drunkenness, he immediately came clean about his alcoholism and the emotions that underpinned it – the ... read more ››

Taking summer holidays by the horns

The Nation’s annual provincial guide to a plethora of summer fun While some Cree communities may still be experiencing the occasional snow shower or are watching the first signs of spring as the geese return north to be plucked by some anxiously awaiting Crees, down south the heat has already begun. While ... read more ››

Wind power plant study blows into Whapmagootsui

A study to assess the potential of a wind hybrid power-plant will be conducted in Whapmagootsui. The research is part of a national $82 million clean-energy initiative announced by the federal government May 3. The government has budgeted $700,275 to finance a Front End Engineering and Design (FEED) study to determine ... read more ››