Volume 15, Issue 8

Chapais mayor tries green spin on hog factory

Chapais Mayor Jacques Bérubé is not letting go of his dream to create a massive, 100,000-strong pig farm outside his northern community despite Cree and environmental opposition. As recently reported in the Nation, Bérubé is now seeking financial aid from a Polish firm to help give life to his stalled hog ... read more ››

Cox family under siege again: Poachers and vandals add to danger

The Cox family is under attack once again as a cabin situated on their trapline was burnt to the ground January 18. Firefighters responded to the scene, but according to eyewitnesses, no evidence was taken to verify if the fire was in fact arson. Josie Cox, who is a Cree Culture ... read more ››

Cree youth walk for suicide awareness

The Cree Nation Youth Council has organized walks for suicide awareness in four communities in Eeyou Istchee. The daytime walks will be followed by a healing circle in the evenings where all are encouraged to share their experiences dealing with suicide. The “Journey Through the Heart of Eeyou Istchee 2008 ... read more ››

Eastmain crooner to sing NHL anthems

Jonathan Cheechoo won’t be the only Cree from Moose Factory at the March 3 Canadiens game in San Jose. Eastmain’s Marilyn McLeod will be singing the national anthem in Cree, English and French at the game. “Singing the national anthem at a hockey game has been a dream of mine for ... read more ››

Entrepreneurs compete for cash

The 10th Annual Quebec Entrepreneurship Contest has announced that the First Nations Prize will total $10,000 this year. The contest is organized by the First Nations of Quebec and Labrador Economic Development Commission and funded by the Secrétariat aux Affaires Autochtones and the Department of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada. The ... read more ››

Flu management

I looked at the poor, suffering people, sitting patiently waiting for the nurse to come out and call their names. I heard a person’s name called out and was shocked to see someone else get up, but then I realized that they used maiden names here, so I settled back ... read more ››

Homeless radio

CKUT, McGill University’s campus radio station, held its sixth annual Homelessness Marathon outside the Native Friendship Centre of Montreal February 20 to dramatize the plight of people with nowhere to go in the cold. Designed as a consciousness-raising event, the marathon began at sundown and ended at 7 am. It provided ... read more ››

Moose TV wins best comedy series

Rezolution Picture’s Moose TV took home the best comedy Indie Award at the inaugural Canadian Film and Television Awards ceremony, held in Ottawa February 20. The Showcase series won out over tough competitors Corner Cas and Little Mosque on the Prairie. Producer Ernest Webb dedicated the award to his father during ... read more ››

Pregnant teens: It’s hard but with hard work you can make a life

For as much as the schools, the health board, the media and parents can stress the importance of safe and healthy sexual practices and delaying sexual activity until such time that an individual is mature enough to make decisions, teens will be teens. In trying to get an understanding for ... read more ››

Quebec drops the ball on sex ed: Crees develop own curriculum

When it comes to dispensing information on sexuality and sexual health to the youth of the Cree Nation, much like the rest of the province, there have been some major issues in regards to sex education within the school systems. Previously sex education was taught as a part of moral and ... read more ››

Respect is a 2-way street

The fight between the Grand Council and the Municipalité de la Baie James has heated up recently as Cree policing, the Red Chute project and the proposed Cox Cree Lodging Camp have hit snags in some form or another from jealous or ignorant non-Natives. Being a Cree in what can be ... read more ››

The birds and bees of birth control: Cree teens have a high rate of pregnancy – but not for lack of options

As of 2005, almost one of every five babies in the Cree communities was born to teenage mothers aged 15 to 19. The numbers speak volumes about the lack of birth control being used in the communities despite its widespread availability. According to Martine Drolet, RN and Program Officer for Sexual ... read more ››

The oasis at the hockey rink

It is another cold winter evening in Attawapiskat and my friends and I are gathered outside passing the time. I am 10 years old and my buddies and I are considering our options on another quiet, unexciting evening in our community. Actually, there really is only one choice and that’s ... read more ››

The White Ribbon Campaign

The Cree campaign to end violence against women may have been conceived as a two-week effort last fall, but many Cree men are saying it should last 12 months of the year. It all started when Deputy Grand Chief Ashley Iserhoff met with the Cree Women of Eeyou Istchee, who challenged ... read more ››