Volume 13, Issue 4

Firing Up The Beast

It is a cold January morning in 1995 and I am getting up for another day of work. I am not an early riser but it feels like five in the morning when it is only actually nine. I look through the layers of frosted ice on my window. There ... read more ››

Mistissini child survives third open-heart surgery – Even though the Cree Health Board shows it has no heart

A seven-year-old child from Mistissini has already gone through more pain and suffering than most people go through in a lifetime. Dancing Water Binette-Wapachee underwent open-heart surgery at Ste. Justine’s hospital in Montreal in mid-December for the third time in her short life. Her mother Alice was with her every step ... read more ››

North West Company walks for diabetes in Hawaii

The message from the Northwest Company is clear: if you walk enough and eat right, nothing can stop you, not even diabetes! For the fifth consecutive year, Team Diabetes walked to raise awareness of the debilitating disease on December 11 in Hawaii. Five members of northern communities joined six employees from North ... read more ››

Sharing in the challenges of 2006

On behalf of the Nation I would like to offer my deepest appreciation to each of the Cree leaders for the incredible efforts that you made in 2005 toward the advancement of the Cree Nation as a whole. The work that you have done expresses the Cree determination to expand the ... read more ››

The weatherman’s blues

As we pretend to be in charge of our lives and go on living in the relative comfort of our minds, in a flash the weather can change that comfort zone by FEMAtic proportions. I’m not much of a meteorologist, but I can say that the weather is indeed different ... read more ››