As we pretend to be in charge of our lives and go on living in the relative comfort of our minds, in a flash the weather can change that comfort zone by FEMAtic proportions. I’m not much of a meteorologist, but I can say that the weather is indeed different these days.

Somehow I feel that we are now living closer to the temperate zone than ever before. Everyone’s talking about something we used to take for granted – good old weather. At some point in time, God lost control of the natural weather patterns and He gave some control to industry, which blatantly denies the fact that the weather is being affected by them. God cannot be blamed for this booboo, according to the insurance claims that state force majeur is the culprit.

Nope, it’s climate change again. Famine and disease sow their deadly seeds in poor countries, yet we barely feel it. Only the interruptions of the occasional batch of rotten bananas that somehow managed to squeak through the last hurricane on some freighter, then Kepa’d to hometown just in time for expiration time, get people teed off to a very little extent.

Even the price of gas has stabilized somewhat and you’d never know what turmoil the world is in. Now, the cranky hunters and environmentalists have produced hard evidence that our lives will be changed, just like the weather patterns, in a totally unpredictable way.

Human intervention is the biggest impact on weather and environmental patterns. Humans build and create changes that hurt nature, while nature creates and creates changes that affect nature itself. The difference is that while nature takes its course, humans can change course to make things better. Remember, when you recycle, you recreate, when you turn off the idling vehicle, you turn off your contribution to the change in the weather and environment.

Since New Year’s is nearing and the world is changing rapidly, we should all resolve to do our bit for the environment. After all, it is what made us who we are today. A strong nation is made up of strong individuals who take care of their environments. Because the dams were built a long time ago, before many of us were born (don’t forget our population statistics show that many of us are under 25), this environment is all they will know.

As for the funny part, is it my imagination or is it getting a lot colder in the winter? Peeing outdoors seems a bit nippier and wind chillier. The same for smoking ciggies, you have to get all dressed up to go outside to enjoy the crisp cold air before gasping down some nicotine. Will someone out there invent the outdoor Hefner-style smoking jacket, with bunny fur slippers or will we still have to shiver more to find happiness?

Whatever the weather, even when we are under the weather in our underwear, life must go on until the day the weatherman becomes Godlike in prediction and tempests are more common than clear days, when fog is smog, when iceberg’s remnants are sold on E-Bay (or is this already reality?). Anyways, Happy New Year.