Volume 9, Issue 11

A Chip Off The Old Block

Recently I was fortunate to receive some moose meat from my cousin Ron. I remembered several ways that my mom, Susan, had prepared moose back home in Attawapiskat when I was young. The other day I tried one of mom’s recipes and cut up some moose meat and fried it for ... read more ››

At a loss for words

I was dumbfounded when I read in the Gazette that two new hydroelectric projects were signed off by our Inuit brothers and sisters to the North. Nunavik is to be exploited for hydro electric power, which is to be sent down to the south. On the recent aftermath of the ... read more ››

CBC lock-out continues

If you’ve been wondering where your favorite Cree programs are it’s because after a 24-hour strike CBC/Radio-Canada in Quebec locked-out their employees. The strike was over pay equity for women and job precarity, but it has grown to include the CBC North’s Native workers, including four Crees and one Abenaki/ ... read more ››

Clarence Hester: in a league all his own

The path leading to Clarence Hester was an interesting one, in that it rarely proceeded in a straight line. The first link came in the form of an email from Alex Mapachee who was taking pictures at a minor and old timers hockey tournament in Waskaganish, and had taken a ... read more ››

Coon Come in political trouble at AFN

Paul Barnsley of the Ottawa-based Native publication Windspeaker reveals major divisions within the Assembly of First Nations. In an article last week, Barnsley contends AFN national chief Matthew Coon Come is facing a credibility crisis. Barnsley’s sources say a meeting was held at the AFN building in late January or early ... read more ››

Dakota Tipi First Nation Takes Minister Nault to Court

The Dakota Tipi First Nation in Manitoba is filjng a legal challenge to Indian and Northern Affairs Minister Robert Nault’s decision to place an Indian Agent to run the First Nation’s affairs. On April 5, solicitor Norman Boudreau filed Chief Dennis Pashe’s action in Federal Court to have Nault’s action quashed ... read more ››

Mi’kmaq people forced to swallow a bitter pill

The RCMP’s decision not to lay charges against DFO enforcement officers for their actions in an August 29, 2000 raid off the shores of Esgenoopetitj (Burnt Church) is a bitter pill to swallow for native people struggling to assert their treaty rights under the Canadian constitution. For anyone who saw ... read more ››

Seeking Help to Stay Strong

Reaching out for help in times of trouble is not a sign of weakness. Instead it is about wanting to stay strong. But sometimes pride is everything and we are more likely to go to a hospital with a broken leg or a throat infection than see a psychologist or a ... read more ››

Selective justice isn’t objective justice

In this issue there is a story that may upset you. It is the story of how the RCMP have decided not to charge any of the federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans officers over the violent incidents at Burnt Church. I’m sure you all remember the video of the ... read more ››

Smuggled Mohawk smokes turn up in B.C.

The Vancouver Province reports that contraband cigarettes sold by Ontario natives and smuggled into B.C. have started turning up in Vancouver stores. The discount Mohawk brand called DK’s sell for $4.50 a pack under the counter, more than $2 less than comparable over-the-counter cigarettes. Although legally manufactured on Akwasasne Mohawk ... read more ››

Softwood negotiations sidestep first nations

Fallout from the ongoing softwood lumber dispute is taking its toll on Canadians – just ask the 15,000 British Columbia forestry workers who lost their jobs after the U.S. Government levied duties 29 per cent on incoming softwood lumber. The lumber industry is reeling, but it is Canada’s First Nations who ... read more ››

Sun Peaks protesters meet human rights monitors

The Secwepemc Natives of interior British Columbia report that a sixth Protection Centre has been set up at the entrance of Sun Peaks Ski Resort to protect Aboriginal Title and ensure the accommodation of indigenous interests. It has been met with legal threats by the Sun Peaks developers, the protesters ... read more ››

the Dogs Ear

The Foundation Triology By Isaac Asimov Ernie Webb recently gave me three first editions of the start of Asimov’s Foundation series. Anyone who has ever seen me read will tell you that I love sci-fi or science fiction. Asimov is one of the authors who was responsible for that. It ... read more ››

The Great Outdoorsman Show 2002

The Great Outdoorsman Show is always great and primes me for the spring goose hunt and upcoming fishing season. I get to wander around and look at the latest in new offerings from some of the best. I was a little disappointed in the layout of the show this year. Last ... read more ››

Will on the Grill

Well, ever since we had the Great Spaghetti Cook-off the ladies in the office are primed to show us guys what they can do. So with this in mind and not wanting to taste the same dish I decided to give them ten ingredients and let them come up with ... read more ››

Within our Cree World

The following was written by a Cree Economic Development Officer: These days when I watch even cartoons with my children there is something to do with develop and sustainability. It’s everywhere folks. They say that it has been defined that sustainable development, is development that meets the needs of the present ... read more ››