Volume 9, Issue 1

…As I was saying. It’s better to be paranoid than sorry.

…As I was saying. It’s better to be paranoid than sorry. September 11 had everyone asking, where were you when…? For the Cree(p)s, another event deserved the question: Where were you when the Chiefs signed the Agreement in principle? I was puttering around my apartment when the phone started vibrating like crazy. ... read more ››

Deputy Chief of Nemaska First Nation Throws Support behind Mukash and Iseroff

Shortly after Deputy Grand Chief Matthew Mukash made his public announcement concerning the AIP, Deputy Chief Josie Jimikin of Nemaska attacked the agreement. According to some residents, who wish to remain anonymous, resistance to the AIP is starting to be organized. Jimikin told the Nation that he had “plenty of volunteers” ... read more ››

How to decide the future of the AIP and the Cree

With the consultation process on the Agreement-in-principle in full swing, questions persist. Reaction has been swift, but it has been difficult to gauge just how the deal has been received in the communities. The Nation has begun canvassing Cree leaders on the progress of the Agreement-in-principle consultations. What will determine ... read more ››

Mukash Breaks Ranks

You’ve come out as being opposed to the Agreement-in-Principle that was signed between the Cree leadership and Quebec Premier Landry on October 23,2001. Why? Yes, and in doing so I believe I have broken the oath of impartiality. I am taking many risks. But first I want to state that whatever ... read more ››

Reportation Not Deportation

It’s tough being a reporter at times. Take November 14th when I was kicked out of a Grand Council/CRA council/board meeting. I was told it was a public meeting by one of the secretaries but in sitting in I found I was being ousted because I was media. I told ... read more ››

Rupert’s River Reverence

One day I had a call from Eric Gagnon, who told me he was a president and founder of the Rupert’s River Revenence Coalition. Gagnon comes from Montreal and went north to work for the Cree School Board. He liked the region so well he decided to stay on in ... read more ››

The River Runs through Us

The Rupert River in Quebec is a great Canadian river, offering a wealth of growth and adventure. The Rupert has been used for many years by the Cree people of the James Bay area. It is known for it’s gigantic waterfalls, tough, technical portages and campsites lined with beautiful teepees. ... read more ››

Toxic crisis in Ouje-Bougoumou

It is by sheer chance that an American researcher became involved in the contamination crisis currently affecting the community of Ouje-Bougoumou. Chris Coveil was a graduate student in environmental sciences when he headed across the border and north to Ouje-Bougoumou for an eco-tour experience in March, 2000. Chris was a ... read more ››